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  1. Chris Tallman did a more than capable job filling in for Matt. My only gripe is with his unwillingness to fully commit to the fake movie titles. This could be because I've listened to way too much Pistol Shrimps Radio, but I knew as soon as Mark said John Leguizamo, Matt would have followed up with John Armuizamo, and I was a little bummed when it didn't happen.


    But we did get an Anvil and plenty of Han M'Boogie, so I can't complain too much.

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  2. True (pathetic) story related to the guest question: About a decade ago I emailed Coca Cola customer service with an idea for a version of the soda with only half the sugar. The idea being it would be healthier for you, but not have that nasty aspartame taste. No more than a few months later Coca Cola released a version with 50% less calories. Looking back I have zero doubt that this was just a coincidence, but at the time I was steamed and remembered emailing Coca Cola asking for some sort of restitution for my brilliant idea. Of course they never responded. Even worse, the new product was a total flop and was out of stores almost as soon as it was released. In fact, a quick internet search could not produce any information on this forgettable brand of Coca Cola.


    I guess the lesson is some million dollar ideas aren't really worth shit.

  3. "The Widow Kulap" is my new favourite p-cast reference. So funny every time Zouks said it.


    Also, I love any appearance by Mike the Janitor. So glad he was on this one.


    The Widow Kulap sounds like it should be an English prestige drama that airs on PBS. This somehow makes the joke even better for me.

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  4. I hope that Pardo can host that podcast, starring special guest, Lauren Lapkus.


    Also, Sly isn't wrong about the taste of Moxie. As a native Mainer, I love it, but watching people cringe when they try it is a treat unto itself.



    I would also like to, uh, express my fondness for that particular soft drink.

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  5. I know I'm basically repeating everyone, but this sucks and drug addiction is a horrible thing. I may have to listen to Farts and Procreation and the UTU2TM commentary special.


    "Like a young Mike and Omar taking the garbage out...great Epps." is still one of the most unexpectedly hilarious things I have heard in my life, and that's just one of many hilarious things he's been a part of.

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  6. I have fond memories of this movie. My older brother tricked me into watching it when I was 6 by saying it was PG-13. He ended up getting in trouble, and I ended up getting ice cream (for being traumatized I guess).


    Sadly, I don't remember any of those great 80's boobs. Though I doubt 6 year old me would care.