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  1. iloveIloveFilms

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    I found a pic of Hayes beating all the guys. Way to man up, Hayes man. Photo courtesy of Fatboy Slim.
  2. iloveIloveFilms

    Episode 319 — Return to Suicide House Part Gore

    too spooky 4 me
  3. iloveIloveFilms

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    Hey Sean and Hayes, I don't mean to make you upset (especially Sean because I think it stresses Hayes out when Sean gets worked up and he has to calm him down), but CORPSEFUCKER SHITLORD declared in last weeks forum that I bought the pro version and there was no mention of me and I have nothing against BrGrHo but I think I deserved it since my first post earned like 8 likes and that's a lot and also I made a lump sum payment as opposed to 320 week payment plan and I wanted tips and Hayes' used glass chopsticks. Anyways, here's a picture of my dad:
  4. iloveIloveFilms

    Episode 55 — Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Tried creating an account last week to say that the first segment about scary ghosts and wraiths was way too spooky for me and I did not care for it but I was having issues with the "Scarewolf" forums and I could not create one. Also, I would like to say that the PC gal had me bussin' up HARD. Andy, please keep your hands to yourself. Lapkus is a delightful woman and I am in love with her and she does not need pervs like you being pervy to her. No fuss no muss, Yogurt Slogan AKA Slogurt