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  1. Another D&D style podcast that I listen to is from nerdyshow.com where they feature Dungeons and Doritos.

    The first half dozen episodes are a little tough as they were figuring out some recording techniques and the style of show they wanted to deliver, but I still enjoy them. By the time they hit what they call Book 2 (kinda like season 2) the show has gotten to a proper radio drama quality of show.

  2. Everyone must have been into the 5-hour energy this episode. Barely any roleplaying, but it was HILARIOUS.


    I stopped and leaned against a tree laughing when you were talking about the irish kid crapping into his drawers and then hiking them back up. Spoiler for this episode or not, that is hilarious.

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    Steve, if this hits somewhere close to home for you, that's unfortunate. These guys are just offering a professional entertainer participating in a podcast some constructive criticism.


    We're all fans here.