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  1. Carabiners are the hottest trend in tinseltown, and have we got a deal for you!
  2. Visibility is good on the interstate, not so good for Yahoo's "Inner Space".
  3. Foghorn Leghorn will be joining us today, don't call the cops.
  4. I can't find my Latin textbook, Patricia!
  5. I want to have Scarsdale on a Holiday episode but with no other PFT/Lapkus characters.
  6. Ribs


    So is the six months thing a rotating thing, (as in, each week the episode from exactly 26 weeks before will be deleted) or will it be that the "archive" consists of all episodes of all shows pre-dating February 2015 to be changed at some other point?
  7. Ribs


    Episodes *are* downloadable within the app, though. Like most streaming apps.
  8. Ribs


    What about something like Andy Daly's show, that if it does come back would almost definitely be another carefully planned limited run? Will that remain free given there's no new episodes coming and at most the archive will still only be, like, twenty episodes? Or would it be a contender as a "miniseries" now and not be released in the traditional manner next time?
  9. Ribs

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    I can't get ANYTHING to play at all on Opera, my browser of choice. Seems to work fine on Chrome of course but the inability to jump around an episode is odd. In addition the decision not to put guest names in the episode titles (for CBB) at least serves to make the list of episodes look even more daunting, as it's jsut a bunch of random phrases with nothing linking them.
  10. Ribs


    Is there any chance the technology is being worked on to accomodate video episodes on Howl? Or, to be more to the point: Are there any preliminary plans for the Never Not Funny archive to possibly come to the new platform?
  11. Ribs

    Kid Cudi taking over for Reggie?!?

    According to IFC's website, episode 4x21 will be ""MICHAEL CERA WEARS A YELLOW COLLARED SHIRT AND WHITE SNEAKERS". I'm pretty surprised to see him be the second repeat guest after Gaflianakis, given he's not one of the more frequent friends of the show, but it should be neat. Hope this means we may see Jon Hamm or Adam Scott again soon.
  12. Sup, y'all, who brought the syrup?
  13. Ribs

    Womp It Up Guests....

    I just mentioned this in the CBB thread, but surely Cake Boss will need to appear after having been mentioned by Listler as working in Washington DC in the kitchens?
  14. Also, it's been ten months now and though Cake Boss' canon has continued to expand we still haven't addressed his moonlighting at the kitchens of the George Washington University. Maybe a topic for a future Womp it Up?
  15. I haven't heard the whole thing, but I feel like you've probably misheard him referring to something along the lines of, "this past year" to mean this to be the last year.