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    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    I just want an android app so I can join in on the fun
  2. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    I love Scott's obsession with getting people who play multiple characters in one episode to speak/sing at the same time. Victor/Tiny kinda made it work here.
  3. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    Scott cracking up and then getting annoyed by Willie's voice changes were killing me. And when Willie would get annoyed at Scott and snap "Just ask me the question" or "You stop making that face over there" or whatever were amazing. I want more Willie! He can come back. Please!
  4. itrainmonkeys


    Here's the question I have: Obviously, someone is going to have to edit each podcast to remove the ads from it. Like....each time one more podcast "ages out" then won't somebody be editing it to remove the ads and put it in the Howl archive. Instead of editing it after it ages out why not edit it right away and then provide that file to the Howl app? Or does the Howl App ONLY have the archives? I wish the Android app would be finished so I could tinker with it. I need to go re-read Shannon's post.....I thought the App had ALL podcasts, new and old. I'm sure there are deals and contracts and other hurdles in the way of why they don't do what I'm suggesting but in my ignorant mind I figured "someone has to edit the podcast to remove ads....why not do it right after it's been recorded?" I'm unfamiliar of the process so who knows if this helps at all.
  5. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    I feel like it really started when Victor and Tiny were doing the "Leave him alone!" bit but maybe Scott was doing it a lot more earlier and I just wasn't noticing it as much.
  6. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    I haven't listened yet but am so glad to see Time Keeper is back. One of the highlights of the anniversary special for me.
  7. itrainmonkeys

    Great episodes to introduce someone to CBB?

    One I've tried with people is the Patton Oswalt/Andy Daly show where we learn about Don Dimello's upbringing and stage productions. Patton is a perfect "real" guest because he gets it and sets up Andy so perfectly. I still love the punchline after Patton talks about the first memory he has is of seeing beautiful snowfall in the winter and asks what Don's first memory is.
  8. itrainmonkeys


    I could be wrong but I was under the impression that the new shows will keep the ads UNTIL they are put behind the paywall. Once behind the paywall they will have the ads removed. If that is not the case then I'm going to say bummer. I definitely don't like paying for ads (it is a major reason why Hulu wasn't even considered by me for a long time). Edit: I just read your posts in another section of the forum and see where your complaint is: paying for a service but still having ads on new content. Now I understand why it's an issue and I get it (didn't read your post here thoroughly enough). That is kind of lame but it doesn't bother me too much. I'm used to getting them with the ads and this would be much worse if the ads were produced by companies and not just read by the hosts of the shows. Still...as long as fast forward is an option then I don't mind too much. I feel like I'm paying for the back catalog (ad free), other premium podcasts (Now I have access to WTF old eps) and other premium content that is only going to be on Howl (like some Live CBB shows or other new podcasts....dying to check out the Lauren Lapkus psychic one).
  9. itrainmonkeys


    Definitely agree that playlists and the like are something I'd enjoy. Spotify has a great template to get ideas from. When going to music festivals there are usually a few Spotify Playlists of all the artists at a music festival that gets shared. Would be awesome to have something similar for say "All Andy Daly Appearances" or "Times James Adomian Made Me Pee Myself". Of course, ideally we would see curated playlists from some of the earwolf people. Like "Scott's favorite episodes of 2014" or "Paul F. Tompkins Picks the Hits!".
  10. itrainmonkeys


    Thanks for the help Fister! #3 is definitely my big concern. I've got limited data plan on my phone and want to be able to use this but when I'm on the subway or flying or anywhere I won't have service I don't want to be leeching my data plan down on something that used to be as simple as putting it on my device as an mp3. Really hoping there is the ability to download/listen offline in the app. Over on Reddit they seem to think it's possible so here's hoping. I'll have to wait for an Android app before I can enjoy Howl. Again, this is all exciting and scary. I knew this day would come but as long as I'm still getting Scotty and the boys (and gals) of Earwolf I'll be happy.
  11. itrainmonkeys


    This is exciting and scary all at once. I only just now (a few weeks too late) heard about this news and had to run here to read the thread. I started going through all the answers but then noticed there have been over 20 pages of posts and felt overwhelmed. Hoping someone (doesn't have to be Scott) can help update me on the current status: 1.) Is there still no Android app available? 2.) Has the 6-months of recent shows being available paywall been added (meaning can I no longer download old archived shows in iTunes?) 3.) Has "offline mode" been confirmed or discussed as being worked on? I don't have an iPod and use an Android phone. I have a limited amount of data that I can use and if I'm streaming all of the content then i'm going to be facing some major issues. Please tell me there's some kind of "offline mode" for the episodes on Howl app (which....I won't be using until Android has one). Any help is appreciated. I'm bummed a bit that this is happening but it makes sense to me and I'm fine paying $60 a year for ALL of this amazing content. Just hoping some of my concerns (offline mode) are not something to worry about.
  12. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    I'm a little behind but this really, really made me laugh. Thanks
  13. itrainmonkeys

    EPISODE 358 — Freddie Mercury To Me

    I Love You Graddy Daddy Day was hilarious. This episode was so damn good. I could have taken much more of Hal E. Butt and really enjoyed the hooker with a heart of gold who never charges anyone. The way Hanford pronounced "Sebastian the creeeeeab" had me laughing as much as Scott was. Wish we could have gotten a longer version where they visit other Disney characters. Beck was amazing. Great first time guest in what sounded like a set up/press stop episode in the beginning. He fit right in and I'd love to see him come back either as himself (great co-host chops by setting up and asking questions of the guests) or as a character himself. Get him and Kyle Mooney on as duo characters and I'll be in heaven.
  14. itrainmonkeys

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Just came here to post this one. Matt and his guests HAVE to watch this one. The response on the radio show is definitely the more ridiculous one that I'd love to get thoughts/scenes about.