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    Hilarious episode. I could hang out with Jason and Randy (plus Dan VK and Viener) all friggin day. But the Philly guy would have to make an appearance, of course. Loved the County stories and Viener's tales from his own life.
  2. josettecovington@gmail.com

    EPISODE 204 — Nannying

    OMG, Kyle's Christian musical had me in hysterics. I've listened to that segment maybe five times now, and I will definitely listen to it again. I think it's his voice. "My best friend's Christ." I love that Kyle is so committed and enthusiastic about his comedy bits.
  3. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    I must admit that I didn’t know much about Whitney before this podcast, but I had a vague dislike for her (totally unfair) that I couldn’t explain. Maybe it’s because the media and people on the Internet love to slam her, saying she isn’t talented enough to justify the amount success she’s achieved. Who died and made anyone the ultimate judge of talent? And who gets to decide who “deserves” to be successful? I’m glad I’ve stopped listening to the mean girls who told me not to like her. I had a chance to see some of the real Whitney on this ep. She’s funny, quirky, humble, and weird, which I like. The EMF stuff was crazy, but I chalk that up to living in California and searching for healing. And I loved David being the voice of reason. “You do breathe the air in Los Angeles, don’t you?” “We’re all going to die eventually, right?” “Kyle and Whitney might rip the EMF bag.”
  4. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 187 — Burning Man

    I love listening to Moshe Kasher. He's funny, smart--I had no idea he dropped out of high school (!), and he's the Nice Guy on his podcast with Neal Brennan. I didn't know anything about his origin story before this episode, so I plan to look for his book.
  5. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 183— Breakups

    I usually find Marc Maron to be an arrogant jerk. Not so much today. Great podcast.
  6. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 172 — Conspiracies

    RE: "Man's Rights" comments: I'm surprised so many listeners interpreted his comments that way. I heard the exact opposite. He said that it's not okay to hit women, rape women, or to mug people in Central Park. He never said that he agreed with Whoopi Goldberg or Steven A. Smith. But he did say that people--all people--need to use common sense. The same way you wouldn't walk trough the park flashing money, you probably shouldn't yell "Hit me, hit me, hit me" to someone--male or female-- unless you wanted to start a fight. I laughed when Tig said, "Why are you yelling? Don't get mad at us." When Bill went on a rant about mortgages and insurance companies. He wasn't yelling. He wasn't mad at them. He was just being Bill.
  7. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 176 — Action Movies

    Aisha actually liked Kill Bill Vol 1 but wasn't crazy about Vol 2. I liked both but prefer 1. And I guess I'm used to her rapid-fire speaking voice and the f-bombs because of her podcast.
  8. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 208 — Spider On The Calming Shores

    Don't forget that Michael Jordan retired just 3 months after his father was murdered and when he was in the midst of an NBA investigation of his gambling habits. So MJ' retirement, while surprising, didn't come "out of the blue."
  9. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 207.5 — Sklarbro County 112

    Eddie fit in well with the Sklarbro triplets. I love it when the guest really gets into to the craziness of the stories.
  10. josettecovington@gmail.com

    Episode 206.5 — Sklarbro County 111

    DeeMoney, what's even more amazing is having Dan VanKirk read one of your stories on the County. I ran around my house screaming "Dan Van Kirk said my name!!!"