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  1. This is a pleasant surprise. I must admit I was a bit disappointed that non-descript hole didn't make the best of ep. For me "who other better to know" and Stephanie giving 'anus hole' so many intonations makes this scene hall of fame level funny for me. Glad it made it into the best of. 'What's wrong with drugstore sushi' sounds like the title of a depressing new country song. I totally loved Lauren as the unlawyer robot too. Funny stuff, thanks.
  2. empireinrecline

    Guest suggestions

    I would love a Wild Horses sequel, Lauren and Stephanie are two of my favorite recurring guests. I also would like to see Paul F make an appearance, however I do agree that he might not be the best fit, but I bet it would be very funny either way.
  3. empireinrecline

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    As Rob pointed out, yes I am a terrible person. I'm also a trained improvisor who has performed for paying audiences. I'm not attacking Matt or the show even though plenty of people are jumping onto the defense. I'm asking a question that no one has answered: what is a succinct description of the I4H format. I have no problem with Matt as an improvisor or dick jokes but I do have a problem with hypocrisy. So I broke down the show conceptually and made some observations. I'm just one opinion among many. But I still don't get much of a long form vibe from I4H. That's on me. However I will critique now and say that if I went into scenes repeatedly and endowed my scene partners with the performers name I would get called out as a lazy improvisor by my scene partners but I guess that's just a culture thing or maybe a format thing. Again, that's on me. There's no doubt Matt is a pinnacle figure on the scene but everyone is entitled to their opinion concerning art. I am definitely a fan of Matt and the show, I've listened to many episodes more than once but that doesn't mean I have to love everything equally. Cheers.
  4. empireinrecline

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Matt I think you need to pay more attention to your own work. "Our nine minute setup wasn't setting up the rules of what we were going to do." Are you fucking crazy? OF COURSE you were setting up the rules for the next scene, which is the entire point of this argument. This whole thing boils down to format, you think the Whose Line guys are lesser than I4H. But let's break down both shows: Whose Line: uses improv games, which they explain to a largely virgin improv audience, they do a scene using that game and the audience is entertained. I4H: Matt has a conversation with a fellow improvisor in which the other improvisor tells a story, MAtt asks questions to get specifics, they do a scene drawing from the story just told and a largely improv nerd audience is entertained. See Matt, Whose Line has a format that caters to their audience, which isn't into improv, while your format, which doesn't involve "gimmicky" games, uses stories or a youtube clip to give the next scene a basis for the performers to work from. These are structurally identical so please explain where you see differences. The Whose Line guys use an improv game to get the players on the same page, I4H uses a story (or clip, etc) to get the players on the same page. See, these are exactly the same thing because they serve the same purpose. Do you seriously not see that? I also agree that you should have Proops on the show because he's a great improvisor. He has openly admitted to Whose Line being lowest common denominator but regardless, he's fucking funny and I'd love to hear you two play together (not discuss who's "better" because art is opinion so it's all bullshit/genius anyway).
  5. empireinrecline

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Matt what format would you say I4H is? From where I'm sitting you and the Whose Line guys are doing the same show, short form. I don't get much of a long form sense from I4H, it's not a Harold is it? It doesn't feel like a La Ronde or an Armando. To me it feels like a usually loosely associated collection of open scenes with occasional callbacks, like a Whose Line show. What deeper long form elements have I been missing? I find it hard to take your argument seriously, that you're doing something a level above, when your criticism of the Whose Line guys is contained in an episode called Penis T-Zone. For the record, dick jokes are the lowest of the hanging comedy fruit. Case Closed if you want to convince me otherwise? =) Other than that, a funny episode as usual. Thanks.