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  1. Physician heal thyself
  2. Ho Ho missed a "ho ho" during the Alan Thicke phone call. I was waiting for santa to jump all over his/her ass
  3. Waldo Jeffers

    EPISODE 354 β€” Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    Solo bolo!!!! Been waiting my whole life for this! FUCK ALL THE HATERS!!
  4. This is everything I hoped it would be. I love that they do the commercials in character.
  5. Waldo Jeffers

    EPISODE 345 β€” Shifting Bouncy

    A store full of drunken people trying out trampolines while father and son cook up some stew is one of the most delightful mental images I've ever had
  6. Waldo Jeffers

    Wompler p-cast confirmed!

  7. Waldo Jeffers

    EPISODE 342 β€” A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    Al Gore Rhythm. Good band name
  8. Waldo Jeffers

    The Wahlberg Solution 5

    I wish Jay Mohr would come back on CBB. My dream episode would be him in character as old/young Al Pacino
  9. Waldo Jeffers

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    Good to hear Herr Herzog again. And I love how Lauren constantly cracks up over her own lines.
  10. My hatred of U2 is inversely proportional to my love of this podcast. C+ bros.
  11. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 331 β€” Secret Superlatives

    Amazing. Everyone was at the top of their game. C+++
  12. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 330 β€” Peruvian Pullovers

    Who's the fourth bro in the photo?
  13. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 1523 - Paul Provenza

    Loved the Northern Exposure story at the end. And yes, one of the DVDs does come wrapped in a puffy vest.
  14. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode BO2014.4 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 4

    Episode IV: A New Hope
  15. Cameron (Caramel (sweet and succulent)) and Tracy Reardon have similar hairstyles. Coincidence?
  16. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 1509 - Pete Holmes

    "Steadypuss Complex" I was never crazy about Pete Holmes but I'm a fan for life after that line. Top 5.
  17. But they are fans of Ole' Sourpuss so I don't know what to think.
  18. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 306 β€” Project Funway

  19. Yes, I found Seth's comments to be quite racist indeed. All that Jap talk, what kind of monster is he? Those poor girls.
  20. This is one for the ages. Agreed on Saucerman doing more characters.
  21. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 1501 - Maria Bamford

    Yes. Maria Bamford is delightful. She was great the last time she was on bang bang.
  22. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 301 β€” They're Twins Jonah!

    You can't get harder than rigormortis.
  23. Waldo Jeffers

    Episode 1423 - Todd Levin

    Good Vibrations is the finest pop song ever recorded.