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  1. Hi Tracey Was the character "Tracey Jordan" on 30 Rock named after you?
  2. Are you suggesting he kill Sean/Hayes/Cody in a violent HH takeover? I dont know that I can get behind that
  3. from sean's original post (emphasis mine) "we will ask the questions we think are good, and as for the ones we don't... may heaven show you mercy, because here on earth there will be none. "
  4. late to the party since I didnt realize there would be two threads going at once, but made me donation
  5. crazy--slowly but surely this is becoming like a REAL forum where there is more than one thread going at once--just saw brgrho's t shirt designs and the donation idea in other threads
  6. finally finished up the episode--MAAYYYBEEEE was the best PG I have ever heard. i loffed quite a bit at their answers to the final question
  7. hooray I made the PG now I can die happy /kills self
  8. Hey I think we have all learned from HH that even though you can be funny and cool and get lots of babes you can also just be a nerd sometimes, and that is OK too
  9. i feel stupid right now, I thought he had only been on the one. Also Joe Wengert is fucking awesome-kills it every single time he is on CBB or I4H. I hope he is a close friend of Hayes and Sean
  10. hello writers throughout the 80s and 90s multi cam sitcoms were the standard. Then in the late 90s and 2000s single cam sitcoms started to increase in number. what do you think the next trend will be-an increase in cams (i.e. 10 or 15) or another reduction (i.e. one eighth cam sitcoms)?
  11. off topic-ish, but is any of you guys have listened to the episode of Improv4Humans that Sean was on? I remember listening to it when I first started getting into RSS but was thinking I should give it another listen
  12. that doesnt seem very idiotic-that seems like a perfectly normal celebrity encounter! had you said that, smiled, said take care, walked away, tripped over your shoelace, and fallen face first into the triple scoop iced-cream cone you were carrying, well, THAT would have been the behavior of an idiot
  13. crazy! you didnt stab him did you* *sorry
  14. interesting point of view-thanks (sincerely!) for the comment. I have never been to seattle (Ive been to Spokane!), but San Francisco and Portland are far and away my two favorite cities in America that I have visited.
  15. Fightin words! I know there is a small small sporting rivalry (in the NFL at least, I dont think anyone cares about Giants-Mariners since they play in opposite leagues and, well, the mariners are trash), but do you find there is a cultural rivalry between Seattle and SF Chanson?
  16. people getting to live in San Francisco is unfair.
  17. I just assumed it was glorious glorious RSS/HH weirdness and didnt question the fact that it was never addressed again
  18. the french camera crew?
  19. a few thoughts (i still have about 10 minutes left) 1. I also was worried this would be the final episode 2. It took me a while to figure out Hayes fucked a grape 3. I lost my shit when Sean said mouse skeleton
  20. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    what are you guys going to change your names to for Dia de los Muertos tomorrow?
  21. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    i even changed my name back to normal so as not to scare anyone unnecessarily
  22. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

  23. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    at this point in my life I know better than to fuck with cats
  24. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 56 — Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend

    wait...you have to pay for the m&ms though, right?