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    I know some of you cool beans are on Chapsnat and Tweetbird and Instantgem and not on Facebook and so didn't see that the penultimate episode of The Reality Show Show was selected for Splitsider's Pod-Canon. Pod-Canon is even more special than Podmass. Podmass appears almost everyweek, while Pod-Canon appears rarely. The episode in question will have to go through the Congregation for the Causes of Awesome Podcast Episodes, AKA Nathan Rubin, before it can be canonized.




    Oh god-the I HAVE A BMW, A PORSCHE, A MONSTER TRUCK, A HOUSE, AND 30 COMPANIES!!! guy! Reality Show Show was so good. I love HH more than I love most things in life, but sometimes I like to hear S&H being themselves and not characters*










    *yeah, I know. Sean and Hayes arent playing characters on HH

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  2. This hasn't automatically downloaded for me.


    I think ol Andy must have badmouthed me to ol Hayes and arranged for my ol download to not work. I ran over Andy with my Vespa a few months back and he's held it against me ever since. Just lame stuff like "pressing charges" and threatening "civil suits" and crying cause i ripped his "sveltest jeans" and badmouthing me to Hayes.




    Should be a fun episode though.


    I have not run over anyone with a Vespa, but this episode also didnt download for me. And now when I go into my HH feed on the podcast app and refresh it it doesnt show up. FML

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  3. I'm moving across town this week. Is there any reason I shouldn't sell my Xbox 360 + games and all my DVDs for like the 25 bucks I'd get for them? I haven't touched them in a really long time.


    i just sold like 8 old ps3 games to amazon.com and they gave me like 30 bucks for them. felt nice to reduce some of the clutter in my house



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    while most people agree with your second point, and i'm not sure how it relates to the first, i'm glad someone shares that first view point with me.

    most overacclaimed album of the year, if not decade thus far.

    agreed. for some reason Kendrick Lamar bores me to tears. Same with Vince Staples most recent album--highly acclaimed, got listened to once and probably never again. I also feel the same way about just about everything Kanye puts out. I think hes a boring MC and the only people blown away by the production on Yeezus were the people who hadnt been paying attention to people like Evian Christ for years already.


    /snooty music rant over

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  5. I will go to the grave saying that I adore Doom's work with all of his aliases and also Madlibs production, but I cant stand the comic book skit things he includes on each album. I understand his whole mythos is based on this, but it ruins the flow of the album for me.



    MM..Food and the King Geedorah albums are my favorites of what he has done

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  6. Oh cool we are talking about music now!


    I have been listening to the new Miguel album quite a bit--it is fabulous. Also listening to a lot of footwork recently since the new RP Boo album dropped and rekindled my interest in the genre. And the new Wavves vs Cloud Nothings EP that came out is excellent as well.


    That has been my week in music

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  7. Impossible to rank the eps, but my top ten favorite would probably be:

    Tom Sharpling


    Dave Holmes

    Zoe Jarmon

    PFT #2

    Adam Pally

    Dave Thomas

    BJ Novac

    Mary Holland

    David Letterman


    EDIT: Also AJ is wrong for not liking Season 4 of Arrested Development. It's brilliant. Yeah, that's right. I threw out the B word.

    Season 4? Thats not possible, they stopped after 3

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  8. argh I wish there were someone in my life I could share this episode with. I have played HH for a few friends, and while they chuckle, I dont think they APPRECIATE IT ENOUGH. To do so I guess Id have to explain all the callbacks/recurring gags (Sean's dad/lizard brains/Wolfcool/popcorn gallery/etc)


    On a similar note I am making my girlfriend watch Arrested Development for the first time. Ive watched the series all the way through (lets not talk about season 4 as that never happened in my mind) probably 5 times, and while she laughs in the right spots I am constantly having to restrain myself from pausing the episode and shouting "DONT YOU COMPREHEND HOW BRILLIANT THAT JOKE WAS THAT THEY SET UP 5 EPISODES AGO!??!?!?!??!?!?!?"


    tl;dr I have issues and need help

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