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    Transcendence (2014)

    oh, thank GOD i'm not alone... you've definitely outlined the main existential issues anyone should have with this film! and yeah, the ending kinda put a bow on top of a crap cake. how in the world did she not see this coming when she was on the cutting edge of AI???? you nailed it. but what about the practical holes? we can't limit criticism to just plot-driven nonsense. for instance (and boy, would i love a thread to get going with what others thought was hugely problematic with this movie): - why is paul bettany's character incapable of stopping AIJD on his own (read: what happened to his own tech brilliance with the "source code" stuff, and with any other abilities he had established in his career/life as a tech guy that he was only able to suggest a solution right at the end), and how is it that his character turned his whole ethical ship around into being such an anti-technologist in the space of, well, *literally* no time at all? 12 minutes of the film, maybe? i mean, hell - if we're all to believe that dealing with the implications of transhumanism (nice analytical word choice, btw) are a key part of understanding this film, then WTF happened with that character? grrrr.... - how did they build a (ostensibly) wholly underground and pristinely white server farm in what we can only guess was a matter of weeks, using a skeleton crew of workers? i guess we should look at the grey goo again... - if this was intended to be the start of a new world order, why on earth did the writers think it could all be powered by solar energy?? how will the entire networked world be brought down by a force reliant on solar? jeesh... this bothered me incredibly, especially as it was established early on that this AIJD "entity" had access to literally every database ever created, meaning he could have accessed any number of new technologies for power generation that they could have used to change the.... oh, screw it. grrrr again! don't want to be that dude on the message boards any more than i've already come off as. but boy, this film really angered me to no end! thanks, seanotron, for at least giving me the peace of mind that i'm not crazy!
  2. ok, i have to know if i'm all alone here: i thought this movie was amazingly, unbelievably, and frightfully awful on almost every possible level. and thus, a great candidate for HDTGM. but if i'm missing something with this movie, please chime in - from my perspective it honestly ranks among the worst pieces of cinema and storytelling ever created. what thoughts do you guys have?