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    Have you ever considered playing the Monte Cook RPG Numenera for a session? If you are unfamiliar: http://www.numenera.com/overview/ Its set on Earth a billion years into the future on Earth. The ideal thing about that game's gameplay is it doesn't feel so much like "player vs GM" all the time. There is a system set in place that allows everyone to orchestrate the game together. Ordinarily in DnD if a player disagrees with a GM decision, there's not much to be done about it. In Numenera a player has the option to contest that by spending XP earned through various objectives. A GM can also issue out "GM Intrusions" at any time. These are essentially the equivalent of critical hits/fails. A player has the option to accept the intrusion which earns them and another player of their choice XP. If they choose to deny the intrusion, that player must pay XP. A common house rule also allows "player intrusions", which lets the player propose something to the GM for an XP cost. There's also less time spent fooling around with math. I think the only dice you really need to play are a d20 and a d6. I think this would give everyone more opportunities to interact with story a lot more, which is why I love listening to this podcast. Anyways. Stay pretty.