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  1. Once again I clearly don't "get" this podcast .. I understand they are doing insider Hollywood caricatures but none of it is actually funny. I always try to check in when its guest that I like; to the same disappointment.

    Is it the joke they are dumb faux insiders.-- that's it? Is the whole bit that "it's not funny". .. and they are clueless.


    Make fun of me or explain. I still don't get it.



    whats LTL stand for?


    Loser The Loser?

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    this is the best episode of the podcast and im sure it has nothing to do with which host was there!!


    i guess Sean just keeps getting "lucky" that all of his solo hosting efforts have been smash hit home run dingers and not because he is being held back by the smart guy or that smart guys do this thing where they dont want you to be funny because it takes away from how smart they are and they may try to do something like make jokes about space or microscopes but its just not gonna be as funny as whatever pops into that brain.(not bretts brain lol seans cmon)





    wow i really liked Hayes in this reduced role where he steps back and lets u take control i really think you should push him to consider this as an every episode kind of thing. maybe he can do regular hosting on special ones where he knows the guest and is friends with them like umm... idk im sure u guys did this once!

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    You know what it is,

    It's that boy Shonk.



    Ayo, Sean Clements

    Don't gotta don denims

    To leave em green and sour like some lawn lemons

    Step in his shoes, you need long leggings

    That boy yolk swole, like swan eggins


    They say oh no, like John Lennon

    He got them dope jokes, get out his mentions

    Do you wanna know the perfect sentence?

    It go, "Hi, I'm Shonk lemons."


    They call him Shonk

    He got that donk

    He in Tibet

    Hangin with Monk

    That right Tony Shaloub

    Once touched a boob

    Because Shonk made him cool

    By showin him this groove



    Get to steppin get to steppin get to steppin left.

    Get to steppin get to steppin get to steppin right.

    Do the Shonk Lemons

    You just walk left and right.






    P.S. this is Kevn O'Brien, clearly Dan Engler hacked my account and should go to jail.

    jk Dan don't really do it.

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  4. Hi guys, Kevin O'Brien here.


    Do i even need to voice my displeasure?


    it really feels like the boys are taking almost a mocking tone, making up stories that they bought the dark universe, as if they could ever even make enough money to buy it from some one. last i checked The Mummy grossed something like 100 million dollars HMM let me check sean and hayes wallets NOPE NOT 100 MILLION DOLLARS IN HERE.


    lastly, its actually a really good movie and way better than that Megan Leavey bullshit that everyone is so quick to praise even though they havent seen it and they probably bought 100 tickets to the mummy!!! fucking puta!


    2nd of all its just good fun for the family and WHOAH SPOILERS! why are you spoiling this movie for the people that want to see it

    i know ur thinking is "everyone already saw it!" but its actually not the case i am going to a screening at 1:00pm today so i had to turn the podcast off half way and i really fear i may have seen too much




    anyway if u want to share the experience with me i will be on snapchat kob34 i really am trying to boost my followers so also follow me on twitter @kobthatreal for latest mummy related tweets.

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  5. Look how hairy Seans legs are. Shave your jeans much, bro? smh



    p.s. this episode kicked ass and all the other shows in the podcast arena it seems like that scene in the new thor movie like lets pretend Hayes was captured and they cut his hair and made him fight in an arena and then they announced who he is fighting and its like "THE INCREDDIBLE SEAN" and Sean just bursts through the doors and he screams "RAAAAAHHHH" and you see the look on Hayes face and everyone thinks he shoul be like "ahh" but really hes like "yippee!" and then he says "THATS MY FRIEND ! I KNOE HIM FROM WORK!" and then all of the audience realizes theyre actually other podcasts and Sean and Hayes about to kick their ass oh and Mookie is there he is... Groot.

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  6. hey buddy we're in america no u's allowed in words here . right daddy ?

    Huh thats funny... your name is erasing itself from my christmas gift list... oh no the christmas card list too... Whats this, its gone from the good friends and buds list as well.


    dear god, a list is forming all on its own.... oh my its a shit list.



    thats right pal.


    or should i say ex-pal




    enjoy your NAZI STAR

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  7. Dan, I think we've reached the forgiveness part of this emotional journey to redemption, and I REFUSE my forgiveness.

    I have learned the threatening TYPOGRAPHY of Tim Treese and his intimidating use of CAPITALIZATION, and I can assure you it will not be fun to READ.




    EDIT: Just want to take MOMENT to remember all of my friends and FELLOW posters who truly make me feel BLESSED.

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  8. excuse me, just wanted to say that i agree with Sean that the Flash needs to show that top half but if we are being 100 percent honest with ourselves we know the flash is all about the legs with his running fast and all that so show me the bottom half i mean does this guy ever even wear shorts? you're telling me the fastest man alive isnt showing off his calves and quads. where is central city anyway is it not ever warm enough for shorts?? put the flash in a pair of shorts and to be honest have him jump every now and then whats so bad about flash jumping that they will not put it on the show. He should be able to jump really high. Okay, i did a little research and its supposed to be ohio. you should see the face i am making right now. its good. its not good in that i think ohio is good its more like holy hell we are legit talking about a flyover superhero that can't fly. what i just said was good. but back to Mr Allen, he is supposed to have zero percent body fat or something since his metabolism is so high and that would mean he is cut as fuck so this dude is just lazy or his body is just bad? he does kind of have short legs and a long torso which i thought if anything would mean hes really good at swimming. Fast people have long legs this is just a fact and that suit makes it look like hes wearing those pyjamas with the dropped crotch that looks like u made a dookie i always think flash is running so fast cause he crapped his pants and is running from the smell :lol:


    sorry im just a flash head who is tired of this CW BULLSHIT

    this isnt even PG 13 because in those movies u still see chest

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