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    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    When Sarah Silverman said she watched it on youtube, I followed her lead. I do not regret that. That's my hot take about this movie. Someone get me on the Pod'. A few random thoughts, tho: Why couldn't Barker have been an AI with a DNA algorithm of all the best heroes and law enforcement? Barker's victory was not a triumph of man over technology since a) Sid had to actively help him out on more than occasion so he could save the day, and b} Barker already had the cyber arm that was instrumental to saving the daughter. Instead make them both AI (and super-powered) and contrast Barker's programming against Sid's rebellion in a Dark-Knight-esque Law-versus-Chaos battle of wills. As a bonus, we could've avoided the pointless dead family storyline in favor of a different pointless "what measure is a man?" storyline! I appreciated Russell Crowe ass and his commitment to baring it all for no artistic payoff. In fact, I appreciated his commitment to giving it his all for no artistic payoff. Seriously, I will start ALL THE FIGHTS and say that Russell Crowe's one-liners were giving me what Nic Cage thinks he is giving me. COME AT ME, INTERNET! (But seriously, I would've gleefully accepted Cage in this movie; in a perfect world he would play both Barker AND Sid. You know I'm right.) What was with the music motif that Sid is obsessed with for the first half of the movie and then completely forgets about? Why not make him The Music Man and he records the screams of his victims and leaves them as clues for the cops or was that too real? At the very least, why couldn't Denzel keep the dreads and beard, which made him look super hot?
  2. A Gentle Soul

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Six and a half minutes in and June, my favorite host, is quoting Bianca Del Rio from my favorite tv show: RuPaul's Drag Race BEST EPISODE EVER!! Also, June's mental gymnastics to deny the incestuous nature of the mother/son relationship? And Jason's commitment to proving her wrong? DOUBLE BEST EPISODE EVER!!