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  1. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 172 — Conspiracies

    love Bill in this ep. but he limited soooooooooooooo many bits Kyle and Tig desperately wanted to fall into on multiple occasions. still, a fresh take for this pod.
  2. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 310 — Little Button Puss

    Pamela's familial stories of deaths are, what i would imagine to be, sequences from a comedic take on the final destination series.
  3. this (podcast) needs to marinate in our souls, our brains, and our buttholes.
  4. Graham Wheeler

    U2's new album to be out soon

    when is the last time i was this happy?
  5. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    mmmmmewwwwwsical guest! a pig! two pardos and not much else.
  6. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    try removing the periods.
  7. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    Bernard! Righteous catchphrase! Love this Kroll charac. One of the most convoluted and brilliant back stories I've heard. Don't mind me as a now forever refer to cats as, "ass-lickers".
  8. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 171 — Consciousness

    let's check-in with the Professor - CONSCIOUSNESS coffee everywhere.
  9. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 308 — Superego: Loose Beginnings, Tight Ends

    i'm not one for doing this, but since this was the most intricate joke ep. i've heard in awhile... - the day after today...there's a word for that. - he's like a doctor, with doctor arms. - musical guest...a chair! feel not alone, friends. i too will now begin my superego quest. great ep. solid ep.
  10. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 170 — Aging and Immortality

    this episode is upsetting. im in the middle of listening to every episode (currently on #40/time travel) and have to say that these past couple eps just do not have the same energy and fluidity as the ones im bustin' through now. i hope someone takes this as constructive criticism, because this is the first show ive found almost impossible to listen to. the guest is a total headscratcher. just to be clear, i adore this show and its unique way of bringing me genuine happiness.
  11. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 92 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 2

    whoever decided to put the Titanic theme behind June's "i like it" segment deserves a hefty fucking raise.
  12. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 307 — Ruth’s Ross Dress For Loss

    could have used a "wonderboy" sprinkled in at some point, but JB's all brand jingle easily made up for the lack of tunage. cleeeeeeeean one-wiper!
  13. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 307 — Ruth’s Ross Dress For Loss

    Casey Kasem Mellencamp. Yup, this works with anything.
  14. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    this...was EXACTLY what i was referring to.
  15. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    this is how babies are made to laugh.
  16. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    it has taken me a solid 2 days to get through this pod. mainly because i find every excuse to rewind and replay any instance where jason is forced into to his dry, chirpy, contagious fits of laughter. zouks and holmes reenacting pacino bobbling a cell phone also had me wheezing.
  17. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 169 — Online Dating

    feel like David got genuinely disgruntled in this one and never really recovered from it. that being said, i love David. dunecaves.com
  18. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 305 — CattleLickItUp

    it would be a total bummer to be the unfortunate recipient of a bullet.
  19. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 305 — CattleLickItUp

    i know it's coming, and i still belly laugh at Gino's "i'll stop talking now" bit. every time. great ep. solid ep.
  20. Ep #17 - Slowing It Down 3 Ep #18 - Slowing It Down-er Ep #19 - Slowing It Down-erer Ep #20 - Commentary Special 2 10/10 would listen.
  21. i blame my manic UTU2TM? depression.
  22. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 168 — Music Industry

    just to be clear...are all of those sounds coming from Kyle's body?
  23. the timing on this next series of events couldn't have been more oddly-placed/appropriate: conversation on "reverse queef" -> conversation on "prolapsed anus" -> Circle of Life begins playing.