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  1. 3x1minus1

    EPISODE 254.5 — 10/16/15 TWO CHARTED 193

    Yeah, this made me feel a bit better about the whole "no more Twooch" situation. I got the impression anyway that ending Twooch wasn't exactly a... mutual decision, especially with Kulap's "wellllll"s after the announcement, when Howard was suggesting Twooch might come back. (I could be way off, but I don't think I'm the only one picking up on vibes that she's over the whole podcast thing entirely? I understand getting a new daytime Jobsite, but that Hardwick bro has a lot of Jobsites and is still into his 'cast). I was really upset at the idea of nothing to download on Fridays; good to know Howard is still with us.
  2. 3x1minus1

    EPISODE 252.5 — 10/02/15 TWO CHARTED 191

    As much as I love and miss the jobsite Wie/Ku/Stard power combo of Twooch regular, I find this Hey Gang spinoff series to be endlessly delightful. I could easily listen to Howard ramble for hours. I wouldn't mind if he kept it going, even as a Soundcloud experiment, if he wanted to. I have long suspected that Whooch eps would run much much longer if Ku wasn't there to keep things moving, just due to Howard's think-out-louds. (After these solo episodes without each other, it really shows how much they pull an equal effort of keeping each other on track.) Additionally... today's Hey Gang was much needed and doubly enjoyable after the mess that was this week's Whooch.
  3. 3x1minus1

    EPISODE 252 — The Mugging Mugger

    This guest makes Jason Nash sound like an NPR host. I dunno if I can get through this one.
  4. 3x1minus1

    Holiday Bundle + Brand New 2014 Single Available Now!

    Uh, this album is incredible. Thank yu Ku/Wie/Stard!! I listened to it for the first time while decorating my apartment with christmas things, as it should be. The new seasonal tradition. Let It Go is so damn delightful (Howard getting into Gu Cruise mode with that singing! Can't get enough of that!) The Let It Snow Ku-Stard remix is also a fast runner up for favorite holiday track. Put yo ass on the snow !
  5. 3x1minus1

    Episode 204.5 — 10/31/14 TWO CHARTED 143

    This episode is "unavailable" ?
  6. 3x1minus1

    Episode 190.5 — 7/25/14 TWO CHARTED 129

    "How'm I gonna sleep tonight? I've only got so many waffles" This twooch was such a gosh darn delight. (Especially after what felt like a rushed and short Whooch the other day)... Happy to hear about Austrailia coming back into the mix, what an opposite of a summah setback!
  7. 3x1minus1

    Episode 189.5 — 7/18/14 TWO CHARTED 128

    I love that Kulap caught Scott singing "Gu Cruise." New podcast time! U Singin' Gu' 2 Ku? It's a shame Wie is so hard on his podcast-openness. The personality I hear on WC? is so endearing (his and Ku's), that's why this is my favorite 'cast. Don't worry 'bout it, How How!