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  1. I checked and I don't see this one. This is an obscure one, for sure. Anyone who is interested in good bad movies should check this one out. I really love it. Would love to see this on the show, but it's unlikely it will get the support. Just find it and watch it.
  2. @TedPekula

    Samurai Cop (1991)

    I can't believe this movie has not yet been reviewed. Be sure to listen to the commentary track as it is funny and provides insight into the making of this monumental cinematic achievement.
  3. @TedPekula

    Hider in the House

    I support this recommendation. Will not disappoint.
  4. @TedPekula

    Body Rock (1984)

    Body Rock needs to be reviewed because it is a powerful drama in the tradition of the New Hollywood cinema of the seventies. Will not disappoint.
  5. @TedPekula

    Twin Sitters (1994)

    Twin Sitters needs to be reviewed because it literally makes no sense and is insane-crazy-bonkers-bananas-mental. Oh boy.
  6. "Sharknado?" More like "Sharknay-don't think for a second I'm going to plug that movie on this podcast." Oops.