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  1. Just released in the UK. A movie made to exploit the "popularity" of a dog that won a TV talent show, Britain's Got Talent, back in 2012. The dog can, erm, stand on its hind legs on cue. That's it. As one review put it: "The best adjective for Pudsey is untalented. What an outstandingly untalented dog." The film contains a sequence in which the dog hallucinates that he's chasing after a human-sized sausage. In cinemas now!
  2. This is a British comedy-horror gone wrong. Its lead actor has commented that making Guantanamo Bay prisoners watch it would be too cruel and unusual a punishment. He has also called it a "pile of shit." Few who have watched it would disagree. It also has lesbian vampires failing to be sexy. Jason would be able to use the phrase "jerk off" once every three minutes. You should cover this film.
  3. JamesMackay

    Sex Lives of the Potato Men

    This was what I was going to suggest. A 70's sex comedy that somehow got made in the 2000s with government funding. The fact that Johnny Vegas is still giving interviews in 2013 justifying his decision to be in it kind of says it all about just how legendarily bad it was.