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  1. Closing Up Bags - 1st one is an "Opening the Plugs Bag" version of the current Closing Up the Plugs Bag round. https://soundcloud.c...ohler-4/plugs-2 Call Me Plugs - Plugs theme set to Call Me Al, probably a few seconds too long for Scott's liking. https://soundcloud.c...4/call-me-plugs Both Downloadable https://soundcloud.com/josh-kohler-4
  2. Jkohler

    2x Plugs Themes

    Got one on, and Scott as expected, didn't like it! Maybe he'll like this short and sweet, definitely Pants no Mustard.
  3. Jkohler

    2x Plugs Themes

    Anything for a bump to the top of the forum my dear boy.
  4. Jkohler

    Plugs Benson Interruption

    I'd give this a bump but don't want to get blacklisted. Wait. Oops too late.
  5. Jkohler

    2x Plugs Themes

    Wow excellent job . . . me!
  6. Here you go, enjoy it, or hate it, everyone.