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    Little Monsters (1989)

    parts of this movie scared the shit out of me as a kid. some still do, actually. seems perfect for a HDTGM episode. Starring: Fred Savage, Ben Savage, Howie Mandel, Daniel Stern.
  2. AnthonyV.Mennitto

    Little Monsters (1989)

    the end with the face melting and little Ben Savage, so freaky
  3. AnthonyV.Mennitto

    Little Monsters (1989)

    movie cover attached
  4. AnthonyV.Mennitto

    HDTGM?-like Podcasts

    there's How Did This Get Gayed? (it's real, not a horrible joke of mine)
  5. AnthonyV.Mennitto

    Which movies have you seen/own?

    Who owns the most? I owned maybe two or three of these before HDTGM, most are from cheap movie stores & amazon. Here's my collection: 1. The Devil's Advocate (DVD) 2. 88 Minutes (DVD) 3. The Adventures of Pluto Nash (DVD) 4. Batman & Robin (blu-ray) 5. Birdemic (blu-ray) 6. Congo (DVD) 7. Double Team (DVD) 8. Ernest Goes to Jail (DVD) 9. Fast Five (blu-ray) 10. Fast Six (blu-ray) 11. Green Lantern (3D blu-ray) 12. Gymkata (DVD) 13. Halloween III (DVD) 14. Howard the Duck (DVD) 15. Hudson Hawk (DVD) 16. Jaws 4: The Revenge (DVD) 17. Jingle All the Way (DVD) 18. Judge Dredd (DVD) 19. Mortal Kombat (blu-ray) 20. Nothing but Trouble (DVD) 21. Over the Top (DVD) 22. Punisher: War Zone (blu-ray) 23. Road House (DVD) 24. Sharknado (blu-ray) 25. Sleepaway Camp (DVD) 26. Street Fighter (DVD) 27. Superman III (DVD) 28. Super Mario Bro's (DVD) 29. Mr. Nanny (DVD) 30. Tiptoes (DVD) 31. The Wicker Man (DVD) 32. Wild Wild West (DVD)