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  1. Dakota Rimmer

    The HH guys on CBB

    I started listening to you guys simply because of your appearance on the recent ads of a Comedy Bang Bang episode. Really funny stuff. Consider me a new fan. I want one of those pillowcases that is also a bed.
  2. I know I've mentioned it here before, but it's been a while, so I'll do it again. I started a parody of the U2 podcast called "Me Talking Weird Al to You". The title says it all. Give it a listen won't you? We recently released our ALpocalypse episode. It's on iTunes and everywhere else. Thanks everybody. --Dakota http://dakotarimmer.podbean.com/
  3. Glad they're back, but I wish they had mentioned "Me Talking Weird Al to You," the parody-cast of UTU2TM, just like they mentioned the REM one. It's awesome. I host it. It's awesome.
  4. I'm re-posting this because I accidentally posted it in the wrong forum prior. Sorry. So, I was really bummed out when UTU2TM? went on hiatus, and was wondering what other artists deserve a podcast dedicated to their craft. Why not Weird Al Yankovic? I was going to suggest that someone start one about the parody king. But then I decided just to do it myself. I've been listening to Al my entire life (27 years) and consider myself an expert, of sorts, on the man. It's called "Me Talking Weird Al to You" and it's meant to be a parody (get it?) of everyone's favorite U2 podcast. It's got most of the stuff you love about UTU2TM? and my co-host is even named Adam. The second episode dropped a few days ago and we'll have new eps every Monday. Also, much like the U2 podcast, it starts off a little rocky, but gets better with each ep. Please consider checking it out. It's free on iTunes, or at http://dakotarimmer.podbean.com/ for non-Apple users. Thanks buddy!