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  1. SleepFan771

    Episode 8 — The Survivors

    Brian and Mildred at least try to play and them and Sark are funny. Blaine and Ken just sit there, never move or cast and tell shitty old jokes. Gerry was the best. He moved, casted and told really funny jokes. He also didn't breath into the mic or talk over everyone like Blaine and Ken do every few seconds to try and get in a jab/ joke. They're like the comedians that can't "turn it off" and have fun in the adventure and instead force out words to whatever thoughts pop into their heads. It's a shame that they're dragging this great podcast down.
  2. SleepFan771

    Episode 5 — Shipwrecked

    Spirit Bear and Ell Ryan shall conquer all! Ride him to victory!
  3. SleepFan771

    Episode 4 — Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

    I love Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan)!
  4. SleepFan771

    Episode 3 — In Search of Gear

    Ell Ryan is definitely my favorite other than Brian Posehn.
  5. SleepFan771

    Episode 152 — Screen Printing

    I love Professor Blastoff! Tig's "Basically" joke reminds me of Geezer Butler's bass solo "Basically." Great episode.