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  1. Does Besser always just seek out the musicians himself, or if we throw some suggestions of indie/underground artists he'll take them into consideration? I guess she's really blown up in the last year, but I would lose my socks if he ever got Aurora on the podcast.


    If suggestions are in play, Eric Bachmann would fit in perfectly with the I4H musical dynamic. Plus he's just about my favorite live performer working today.

  2. I'm going to amend my statement from earlier in this thread: I will sell a human soul for another episode of this down the road with Don DiMello *OR* John Lennon.


    John was soliciting listener questions for a vague upcoming podcast project at the end of today's CBB, so I suspect you may get your wish.


    I really want to believe Gino's comment about ska bands not having much room for black musicians was intentional irony on Gabrus's part, what with ska being a product of Jamaica and all. (Granted, '90s ska was pretty dang white.)

  3. Lot of school workers coming by the studio these days what with health teacher Joe Bongo and now cafeteria technician Frank Frank. I wonder if either of them know Ms. Listler via the underground teachers and janitors network.


    In fact, Mr. Joe Bongo was introduced on the Womp it Up podcast and is quite familiar with Ms. Listler. I very much hope Frank Frank crosses over in that direction soon.

  4. Y'know, if I was trying to sell an improv-hater on this show, describing it as two hours of conversation and game-playing between a hammy French actor, a stoic German filmmaker, an English investment attorney, a naughty elf and a grumpy Santa Claus would probably sound like everything people hate about improv. And yet this is perfection.

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