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    Episode 91...Without the Ums and Ahs

    I know everyone's going to do it to some extent, but it got excessive to me, so I just did something about it instead of complaining. Any show's going to be better without those though.
  2. Killingsworth

    Episode 92 — Suck It With Your Mandibles

    Edited out the ums and ahs again, of which there were about 50% less this time. I'll probably stop doing it since there's a good chance it'll get taken down though. https://soundcloud.com/maximum-charisma/01-92-suck-it-with-your-mandibles-edited
  3. Killingsworth

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    "Rather than a meeting of equals forming a mutual attraction" That's the thing...you're not equals. The average girl has way more options than the average guy. 99% of the time, it's the guy doing the approaching/messaging. If a guy can't build attraction himself, that means there's nothing he can do but sit back in hope. It makes much more sense to talk about it like they did, with active language rather than passive. Also, I think teaching that you have to improve yourself to make girls like you is the opposite of "entitlement."
  4. Killingsworth

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    Not that it'll make any difference, but you're just making assumptions about the show based on its former name. They actually go to great lengths to bash the type of guys in The Game in some episodes. So if I learn how to dress better or tell better stories or body language or whatever, that dehumanizes them? Good to know.
  5. Killingsworth

    Episode 91...Without the Ums and Ahs

    Sorry, but I can't stand all the ums and ahs lately, so I decided to edit them out. Enjoy. I did keep the ~7 minute journey down the rabbit hole of obscure references, though. https://soundcloud.com/maximum-charisma/91-polish-my-horn-of-blasting-edited
  6. Killingsworth

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    Is there any way to improve your luck with women that won't get labeled misogynistic?