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  1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. I think it was a really hard time not even only for me but also for everyone I knew because we were all so young and that kind of thing is hard to know how to deal with. I give her the benefit of the doubt, but definitely it was a terribly shitty thing to say to someone who has lost a parent so she's not totally off the hook lol.
  2. If it was a musical I would say we have to just do it next Musical Monday, but I'm not sure Jeremy Sisto singing to The Cranberries counts lol.
  3. Also when she says "This isn't Kentucky," the whole line is, "As if! I'm only 16! This is California not Kentucky!" I may... have watched this movie a lot.... It may be weird, but holy shit that is one of my favorite movies LOL.
  4. In the original story Mr. Knightly (the Paul Rudd character) is Emma's sister's brother-in-law, so there's even less of a relation there than if they had been two people who's parents were married. I know that's like the only way to basically like modernize that kind of thing, especially since they cut out any siblings from Cher's family, but it feels like a thing they didn't have to mention as many times as they do lol.
  5. Like legit I don't get the sexual taboo desire of it all and I'm not sure I ever will, but like that movie I watched and then even this instance you can kinda see how it happens. But you're so right it does still seem so weird. It's like in Clueless too! Cher and Josh used to be step siblings but then their parents divorced and yet she still refers to him as her step brother. THEN THEY END UP TOGETHER! You never like notice that shit at first because you just want Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd together and then you get older and you think about all of that shit, like also the fact that he's definitely at least 19 and she's 16 and it's definitely even weirder lol.
  6. This just reminded me that I watched this Swedish movie on Netflix called "Kiss Me" or "Kyss Mig" about two adult women who are about to become step sisters and they end up falling in love with each other. It's definitely painted as "oh this isn't right" the whole time but, no spoilers I promise, it's really well told and extremely beautiful to watch. Or it could be another Adore situation where I'm totally fine watching something and everyone else is like wtf that's creepy lmao. (Not that I watch that kind of porn that's indeed way gross and I'm not into that lol.)
  7. I guess then really the whole thing comes down to miscommunications. Cause to me I was kinda like viewing this as all of us sitting in a circle and discussing together, but if you're viewing it as separate one on one conversations, then things can get disastrously confusing because of that disconnect between us lol. I apologize for coming off so hostile, but I definitely still stand by everything I think
  8. I totally understand that, and I didn't quote you exactly right there but here's what I read - Now re-reading this it does appear that you were making a very broad statement that revolved around criticisms not in this thread directly, but it was very confusing to me and so I thought you were specifically talking about our criticisms here and I was like... what the fuck? That's a lot of the issues I was having, because it appeared you were directly saying our opinions and criticisms weren't valid because they didn't have anything substantive involved, and even if you weren't I'm not exactly sure why those criticisms were being brought up in response to ours.
  9. Then I believe your points are getting muddled because I feel like I've read "My point is..." a million times and it seems like a different point each time. It's either that Stephanie meant it to be taken a different way than intended, then it's that the series is getting dog-piled on, then it's that it should be taken as a whole not isolated moments. So now I'm very confused as to what we're actually discussing here. I didn't mind that we all disagreed about Stephanie's intentions and whether or not it mattered because outcome outweighs intention, but once you started then claiming that those that followed this series like gospel were dumb because dumb people will be dumb, it felt important to bring up that hi hello I was one of those dumb kids and this is why it's important to talk about this series being toxic. Then you mentioned that people are always railing on this and not other things, but that shouldn't even have any baring on this very specific conversation since it's literally related to the movie we just watched. This is where I started to feel dismissed, because at that point it didn't seem to matter what any of us said because you had already stayed in your thought that it was only because it's easy to pick on, and I felt like you weren't actually taking in anything that had been said about the experiences. I mean you literally said that the arguments lacked substance which was wild to me and made me feel absolutely like there was almost little point to even discussing this further because at that point then I guess literally nothing I brought to the table mattered. So then later when you brought up the fans being dismissed I had to comment on that because literally I was that fan, and I have the proof of following the phenomenon from one end to the other (I stayed up all night to try and meet Robert Pattinson at a god damn MALL... didn't work). Basically as a female representative of this fandom, I'm literally telling you that this conversation went down a terrible rabbit hole and I felt incredibly awful by last night. Like I still don't mind that you saw something different in these books/movies, but since the target demo was teenage girls and that was me, I'm just asking that you respect that maybe what I saw and what I experienced has a little more weight behind it. Also I know that I said that was the last thing I was going to say, but y'all should know me well enough by now that that never happens LOL. ETA: If I did put words in your mouth I do apologize for that. It's definitely harder to read tone and when things are a bit confusing it's absolutely possible to think one thing when you meant something different.
  10. This is the last thing I'm going to say about this topic because I feel like we're talking in circles here, but WE'RE TALKING ABOUT TWILIGHT BECAUSE THIS IS A TWILIGHT THREAD! Should we watch Pride and Prejudice and nitpick that? Would you like to go through other examples? Cause right now I don't give a shit about any other examples that prove as to why we should all stop and just let this happen. You can claim that people shit on Twilight over and over because it's an "easy target" but then I guess we shouldn't have watched this movie to begin with if you didn't want us to pick out the things we find problematic about it.
  11. But no one here is doing that. We all happen to have very specific feelings about this series, and I don't see the point in going against them because you think it's not well thought out. You're speaking to us as if we're all in the same boat of those who rag on the fans online and dismiss them (mostly because of their gender). I'm here telling you I was one of those fans and that I feel my feelings on this very popular book series are being dismissed literally right now.
  12. I thought y'all would find this funny as my friends and I continue to discuss this now lol! There's a lot of evidence to this point exactly on my early Facebook feed and it is the most embarrassing shit ever.
  13. Fair and valid. People usually yell about anecdotal evidence when they're hearing something second hand so I'm very used to it only being used in that sense. I promise this isn't second hand info lol.
  14. Idk I still don't think I agree with that solely because these two still end up together. Sure they grow, but that's their perfectly structured fictional relationship and I still think it's setting women up for something not right, because men aren't Edward and they're not going to get their fairy tale ending. I think she's packaging the whole "oh don't worry if you see red flags, girls, he'll grow because of you and change!" and selling it to teenagers. I legit asked my friends cause I'm still in the same friend group from high school and they just answered that while they didn't think it was normal behavior they definitely didn't think it was either alarming or creepy at all. Actually one of them just got her masters in psychology and said her supervisor at her clinic uses it as her "bad relationship" example with her teen clients. She said quote, "Every girl is like oh I thought that was just how it always is." I still am not saying it's all Twilight's fault, but because of the fact that it is so huge it definitely has more reach than other examples, especially since it's there specifically for teenage girls. ETA: Also, while I disagree with Meyers intentions, to me none of that matters anyway. She could legit wanted us all to see that, but the point is teen girls are seeing Edward as romantic. They are seeing these actions become normalized. They are falling into dangerous situations because they saw it played out in front of them. Call it dumb people being dumb all you want but when it's enough girls for therapists and counselors to actually reference it, then it's more than that.
  15. Yeah I'm a badass now. Imagine me back in the day though. Ugh wildly annoying LOL! No but seriously, this is an interesting topic to discuss and it brings up a lot of points of whether or not fiction has any responsibility for what it portrays, and to me I think it does. I think back onto how Whoopi Goldberg never would have become who she was if she hadn't seen Nichelle Nichols on TV, or how even Nichelle wouldn't have taken that job if MLK Jr hadn't called her and told her how important she was going to be for black kids all across the nation. I think about how much someone like Tess Holliday actually being a plus sized woman gracing the cover of Cosmo would've blown my fucking mind if I had seen it as this chubby girl in high school seeing nothing but stick thin "heroin chic" bull shit and hating my own body. It's the same as to why we see men taking the wrong message from Travis in Taxi Driver, and it's why I took the wrong message from something like Twilight and some other things I had been reading and watching at the time and let myself be taken down the path of toxic relationships because that's what appeared normal. Like, obviously we can't all blame it on Twilight, cause listen I'll keep it 100 that my parents were not the beacon of "True Love" and I have some major trust issues from them lmao, but I do think that authors/screenwriters/showrunners/directors do have to take some of the responsibility for perpetuating ideals that are more harmful than good. No one is perfect, yes, but if we don't call out shit then nothing will change.
  16. Alright, I see what you're saying now, but I think what we're getting hung up on here is the fact that we are indeed talking about Twilight specifically in this instance, so obviously it's going to be our punching bag. If we were going over Hunger Games I would talk about fucking Liam Hemsworth's character who's name I keep forgetting as the other epitome of WAH FRIENDZONED AND FUCK HER CHOICES RAH! And I would have to say that this isn't just anecdotal evidence. I lived it. There's truly a difference in people being stupid and thinking they can fly, and then the representation of men and women and hetero relationships effecting the youth. Also, I'm not sure any of us were saying that these problematic flaws are the reason why we don't like these films/books (for me at least I can't speak to anyone else that has chimed in). In fact, before I recognized the problematic nature to this relationship I had realized they just weren't good lol. That's not the point I think any of us were trying to make. It's just that we happened to watch the last movie (which I actually really enjoyed) and were pointing out the things we don't like about this series now.
  17. These are excellent points. Also, I think that for a lot of stuff that has been held so highly we're truly just now seeing it for what it really is. I mean I legitimately didn't think of Taxi Driver as problematic until the last two years, again because I think it just wasn't taught to us that way and we're all slowly realizing it. And Twilight just happens to be the thing made specifically for teenage girls that blew the fuck up and became a phenomenon that also happens to have some not okay stuff that even I didn't really was not okay until I was in my 20s, well after I had read the books and digested all the material.
  18. I think it's very interesting you brought these two up and I understand why. You'll have to point me to where people were saying that those who love the books were trying to specifically emulate Bella because I do think I missed the start of that topic, because my point is just teaching girls what is acceptable behavior when it comes to a relationship. But with these two and Twilight together - one was definitely viewed as bad (hence why the two parter series finale made it onto HDTGM) and the other two are seen as literally the best of the best (hence why they are being covered on Unspooled instead), and I do think that goes to the points you made in your next paragraph that there is this animosity towards fiction directed wholly towards females. However, I'm not seeing as to why that means none of the criticisms have any substance? I have the same issues with Twilight that I do with ACWO and Taxi Driver because no matter the intentions of the artists behind the works, the outcome is the same, shitty people doing shitty things because of the media they are digesting.
  19. Okay, but as a 16 year old in this time I can wholeheartedly say that teenage girls are stupid enough to eat this shit up and wish dudes would act like that. It's a fairy tale, but when fairy tales are some of our only representation of teenage romance, then that's all we start to see as truth. This is the problem with stuff like that. Until we can get proper stuff in front of kids' eyes then we can't actually chalk this up to just being a fairy tale and therefore none of it is accurate. Edward is still supposed to be a 17 year old, and so it does teach girls that these actions are okay from men, because they saw Edward do it. Like I promise you I'm writing this all from genuine experience. It took going through extremely toxic relationships and growing up to realize those actions are not okay, because no one told me otherwise.
  20. Same 100% He's on the same train as a lot of fictional men with the whole "SHE FRIENDZONED ME AND I WILL NOT RESPECT HER CHOICE RAAAAAH!"
  21. I don't think she's saying that Bella is to be emulated, no, but she is painting this romance as True Love, and everything that Bella does in response to this True Love or how Edward treats her in the beginning under the guise of True Love, is terrifying and problematic af. She may call it out to some degree, but she never stands with that calling out in my opinion. Edward full on stalks her, breaks into her home, and watches her while she sleeps and even when Bella first begins to think there's something wrong with that idea it's not because it's creepy and a giant RED FUCKING FLAG it's because she is starting to catch on that he is a vampire, and after that it's pushed aside as anything other than his loving and protecting nature.
  22. I do also think it has something to do with this desire for someone to come and save us from our boring lives. Everyone wants to be the kid under the stairs that suddenly finds out he's a wizard, or wants to be the One girl this vampire falls in love with, cause then it means there's more to life then whatever boring shit you have to deal with day to day lol.
  23. It's a really good question. Like at least with Magic Mike or 50 Shades of Grey there's this like almost housewife-esque aspect that it is catering to more so than the obvious teenage demo that things like Twilight are trying to get to.