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  1. 19 hours ago, Nick T. said:

    I appreciate the sentiment and support the cause as well. I’ve been speaking out on police conduct for 25+ years. In fact, my family and I got one cop fired for misconduct  through a lawsuit (long story). However, one thing I think many people forget is that blacks/African-Americans (not really sure there’s any consensus on what term is more appropriate) is that they compose only 8% of the population. People always talk about under representation, but I’d bet much more than 8% of new releases have a black lead or co-lead. The point being is that there are just a lot more white and Latino folks around. Asians, black, etc. are a tiny demo in comparison.
    My point really being that what people often tend to think of as a lack of proactive efforts at inclusion are simply down to sheer numbers.


    I get how some might be listening for a break from this 24/7 situation might not like it, but I feel/hope that, due to the type of person this show attracts, the mass majority will be  and understand they can just fast forward past it if they don’t want to hear it. 

    PS - I listened to the Stealth episode with the little Key & Peele guy. Bloodsport is my favorite HDTGM episode and Nicole was hilarious in that. Her guest appearance on The Meg was amazing too. She’s been a great regular. Can’t wait until the Arclight gets that special “Nicole Buyer will be yelling at the screen during this viewing” feature Jason suggested.  


    10 hours ago, Elektra Boogaloo said:

    I didn’t mean to be like “you guys aren’t doing enough” but I was trying to think of something actionable that the podcast could undertake. I am sure the 8% is correct where you are. In LA it is 11%. Let’s round down to 10. They have done 241 movies. I would argue they shoot try to have had 24 Black guests or thereabouts? And I don’t meant to say they have not because I can think of Nicole, Tawny Newsome, Hannibal Burress, Colton Dunn and Rhetta off the top of my head. I think they have had a fair number but maybe not 24. I could look at the list of guests on Wikipedia but I am lazy. 

    Was just trying to be helpful not critical. 


    Sorry i I have little to say about the film. I didn’t watch it. I do love the music in that clip. And I really hope we get “How Did We Get Scheer” category or supercut in the Howdies. I posted some time stamps of other examples in the Howdies thread if anyone knows how to do supercuts. 

    Just because I think right now correct statistics are super important when discussing these topics I looked this up and according to the 2010 US Census Hispanic/Latinx Americans make up 16.3% while Black/African Americans make up 12.6% of the population. While we may be splitting hairs, those few percentage numbers actually do make up a lot of individuals and are important to factor in. Also looked up what they expect to be reported this year and the Census is expecting it to be reported as 13.4%. Also not criticizing - only think stats are important lol!

    Also didn't see this movie, but I really appreciate how vocal June and Paul have been on this subject.

    Please consider looking up your local bail funds because many protestors are being arrested without even being read their rights (happened here in Dallas) and shit is just getting insane.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    I'm glad she vetoed it. I hope they never do it.

    I'm fine with suggesting or sending a movie to them. But when they very plainly say they won't do it, leave it there. I can appreciate how much this escalated even but that's about it. Maybe I'd have been more on board if it was a movie I wanted to watch but not much. I'd rather them not give in and encourage this again.

    I think you're misunderstanding which one Avaryl vetoed... She vetoed Queen of the Damned, despite Paul telling me he expressed interest in doing it. She never has put a stop to this Transformers nightmare.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    It really does suck. Didn’t he say they would never do QotD, but then they just let this guy pester his way into getting his movie picked? You’ve been a loyal listener and forum contributor for YEARS! If anyone deserves to get their movie discussed it’s you.

    I don’t know, I’ve just never really been all that charmed by the Transformers bit. 

    He said Avaryl vetoed the choice 😭

    It's one of those bits that started off funny for me and has gone on long enough that it lost its humor. If they keep doing it maybe it'll get funny again, but who knows how long we'd have to endure it before it got funny again.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Cam Bert said:

    Why I can't speak to the motivation behind the A list actors being in this I saw it sort of like a typical Adam Sandler comedy which is an excuse to spend a month in Hawaii with his friends.

    Pierce Brosnan is quoted as saying he saw Meryl had already signed on and went ahead and did it without actually knowing wtf he was signing up for lol.

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  5. I used to haaaaate this movie. I grew up as, and still am, a giant ABBA fan, and I thought this movie was a spit in the face of ABBA's discography. We went to see this on the West End on a choir trip to London literally ONE MONTH before this movie came out, and I was furious with the entire endeavor. Now I will say after having seen this on stage the movie does a lot of good for the concept. Actually filming in Greece (I assume or at least just in a visibly similar area) really makes this thing come alive in a great way. But I still think creating some story around the ABBA songs is a terrible idea. A lot of these songs make no fucking sense when you really think about them any deeper. BUT THEY STILL SLAP!

    I softened over the years and when I saw Here We Go Again I kinda fell in love with it finally??? Maybe it's just truly my love of the actors chosen for the past scenes. Maybe it's my love for Cher. Speaking of - y'all gotta listen to Cher's ABBA album cause it's just as amazing. Idk what it was but I literally cried at the end and became obsessed with Lily James in even more ways.

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  6. On 5/12/2020 at 8:51 AM, Cameron H. said:

    Mamma Mia is currently streaming on Starz. If you don't have Starz, Redbox (which is free) is offering one month of Starz free if you sign up for the app (Plus three disc rentals, although I can't imagine any one wanting to touch physical media at the moment). It's also currently on sale for 4.99 on iTunes, but I think that price will end tomorrow.

    It's also on Hulu according to the interwebs but I would not be surprised if they were lying liars who lie, because I've had some major issues with things not being on Hulu lately (looking at you The Great Wall...)

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  7. 13 minutes ago, grudlian. said:
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    Sorry. Women are either housewives or single ballbusting go getters. You can't be both.

    But, for real, that doesn't make any sense. I guess it's fine if you want her to be unhappy as a character or always having huge problems in her life. Whatever. But that motivation doesn't make sense. There are plenty of ways to get rid of Logan (which I'm still fine with) but this is the dumbest one they could do.

    Even if you're going to kill him, have that be the setup for the next season. Make that the new killer's mission. It's dumb to have the guy you just arrested do it. What's the payoff other than a potential scene of her confronting Patton in prison?

    I don't even know where you go from here. Why try to move her from Neptune? Seeing her in another city is fine but why? It's four seasons and a movie in Neptune. Relocating isn't that novel of an idea or than potentially no more shoehorning old characters who aren't growing or interesting anymore.



    Another thing that I had read that now I can't find the source on anymore (there are a fuck ton of articles about this mess and good lord I can't remember which ones I've read anymore) that said he had felt that the fans had taken over his story and he wanted it back and to stop giving fan service. Which like okay so part of me gets that as a creative and like you never want to be peddling shit you hate just because people like it, but people liked the stuff he supposedly liked! Everything from that original series was his fucking shit! So to be pissed that 1. You decided to do something for the fans (the movie) and then 2. You no longer liked that idea should NOT be on us when we literally had nothing to do with it! Then to continue he added that he wanted to shed everything from her past and move her forward, which as you said everything up until that final scene of her driving has been in Neptune and it makes zero sense to just murder a huge character to do that.

    To be honest, if they wanted her to be unhappy or continue to have baggage I would have preferred them to kill Keith. I love that character and as someone that has lost a father too soon it's not something I would ever wish on Veronica, but it made more sense considering how they were setting that up during the entire season. And to rip the rug out from underneath us all and keep Keith alive but instead kill Logan is not interesting at all.

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  8. On 3/8/2020 at 7:09 PM, grudlian. said:

    Veronica Mars episode 8

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    As much as I felt this season really jerked us around on who the bomber is, my immediate reaction was Patton Oswalt. I immediately assumed it was Big Dick, but after looking on imdb, I remembered he was a from the original series. So, that mostly took him out of contention. While I figured it was possible Patton agreed to the show because he's a fan or something, he was the only other realistic choice. His murder group being a way to prove how smart he is was the only person with a "legitimate" motive. But "they're Spring Breakers" is a fucking pathetic motive.

    In an earlier episode, they mention there are still days left in Spring Break. If we figure on schools having different different weeks for Spring Break, this entire season takes place over maybe three weeks. I'm not sure how long I thought this took place over, but five bombs in under three weeks with a confirmed sixth bomb? This is potentially international news. Neptune would have tons of federal support than Max Greenfield by himself. 

    Why the fuck is the school opening even happening during a bomb scare? Wouldn't this definitely be canceled? Why are they opening a new school in spring? And when, in the middle of these bombings, why are people questioning Veronica when she yells there's a bomb? Why didn't they call the police on the way there?

    The whole ending is fucking ridiculous.

    Clearly I'm not the biggest Logan fan, but damn that is fucking dumb. Even setting aside the plausibility of Patton Oswalt planting the bomb and going off somehow after the wedding, why did this happen? Who wanted this? I know this season doesn't need to be fan service, but what is the payoff? I didn't watch four seasons of this show thinking "when is Veronica finally going to quit being a detective andgo to therapy?" If you're going to kill off a show, either make the fans happy or do something thematically consistent with the series (and I get Veronica getting dumped on is consistent with the show but still). What a shitty, shitty ending. Even though I laughed at the 5 second fake out that Logan called off the wedding, ending on a wedding would at least be satisfying.

    Also, even though this entire revival felt like "wow, everyone definitely looks older except Kristen Bell", Wallace definitely aged better than anyone including Kristen Bell.



    Okay now I'm going into why I'm so fucking pissed about all of this.


    His death completely feels unjustified in every way. It's a fucking throw away scene down to literally not even being allowed to see the explosion itself nor Logan's body or even a hint at evidence that he was actually murdered. Add in the fact that apparently for Jason's last scene as Logan NO ONE was on set. Not Kristen, not Rob, not anyone to give him a hug or a goodbye or anything. He's been playing this character and has been universally beloved by the fans for over a decade now and they literally didn't even give a shit about him to be there for his last scene.

    Now onto the justification by Rob...

    Rob had literally zero faith in Veronica's love for Logan and not only did it show throughout this season with her refusal to marry him (okay fine not every woman needs to be married that's okay), her considering cheating on him with Leo (okay not as fine because cheating is never okay but also this is a human woman who is looking at someone as hot as Leo and thinks maybe the grass is greener that's okay), to the murder of him after their marriage (what. the. fuck.). But what really solidifies my rage is his comments about the whole thing -


    In order to continue being Veronica Mars, Thomas felt, there was no path for Veronica and Logan to stay together, and there could be no option for Veronica to really go home again. “The happy pairing off of the leads of the show usually mark the end of the show,” Thomas said. “Badass private eye and her husband back in Neptune didn’t feel like the show that could sustain itself moving forward.”

    "In order to continue being Veronica Mars there was no path for Veronica and Logan to stay together."
    "Badass private eye and her husband back in Neptune didn't feel like the show that could sustain itself moving forward."

    So let's just break this down really quick... Basically it had nothing to do with any kind of character development. It had nothing to do with the fact that Veronica herself may just not have wanted to get married and then decided she could never live without Logan. From the literal get go Rob Thomas only thought about how a woman can't be in this line of work and be married at the same time... She can't be Veronica Mars and be happy??? What the fuck like literally go fuck yourself dude. He mentions later in another interview with Vulture where he says the same line about it not being able to sustain itself that there was struggle to even write Logan getting involved in Veronica's adventures and he just didn't know how to continue the story beyond the "happy ending" and so Logan had to die all the way back in 2014 when they first started making the fucking movie.

    To me, this shows a complete lack of actual good writing. If you can't keep up your background characters (which I mean look at Wallace, Weevil, and the complete lack of Mac) then why even bother. He has no faith in anyone other than Keith and Veronica and it fucking shows, and for him to full blown be like nope this woman can't be happy, she can't be married in this job, and I can't understand how to write a man in a supporting role to this woman shows a lot of fucking buried misogyny that Rob Thomas has tried to get past us all for a very very long time.

    It makes sense for Veronica to grow and be happy and guess what she could still do her fucking job even with a husband at home, which like lmao Rob ALREADY WROTE HIM IN THE NAVY! If you don't want Logan around for an episode or two then get him fucking called to service and be fucking done with it! This is such lazy story telling and I'm still fucking pissed about it! But to kill Logan in this way absolutely stunts her emotional growth and leaves her in this angry and bitter state forever now. Even if this does magically spark her going to therapy and she feels "good" about where Logan was as she drives off onto the PCH, killing a character in order to do that is fucked up and it's going to stay with her forever.

    To make a long rant short, there's a lot of bull shit reasoning behind why Rob Thomas wrote this bull shit ending, and it has severed my from my devotion to this show, and I'm happy that Hulu decided to (for now) pull the plug on future seasons.


  9. On 3/6/2020 at 10:47 PM, grudlian. said:

    Veronica Mars episode 5

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    Is Patton Oswalt's murder club supposed to be the audience trying to figure out who the bomber is? Because it certainly feels like it and it feels really insulting.

    Especially because, in this episode, twists and contradictory reveals and red herrings are over the top. Veronica and her dad are literally throwing out equally plausible stories on who might be the bomber. Then, on their individual investigations, they find evidence that both exonerates and implicates JK Simmons. But the episode ends with the bartender being a suspect (which was supposed to be shocking but felt super obvious at the same time because at some point the show had to make her seem guilty).

    This season feels like Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride debating which glass has iocane powder. It's presented so seriously but it's equally silly. It's just a bad whodunit where I'll never be happy with the final reveal because I doubt it will add up in a meaningful way.

    There are bits that I like but this show would never have gained a cult following if this was the first season.



    I believe that it's supposed to be their take on "Murderinos" aka fans of My Favorite Murder, as well as a nod to Patton's late wife Michelle McNamara who is credited as one of the people to have caught the Golden State Killer - which I think they made an off handed nod by creating their own version with a similar sounding name that Patton mentions during the season. Because of Michelle doing her own research and helping police find a serial killer there has been an uptake in citizen research so I truly believe this is supposed to be like that and not a substitute for the audience. Although, even with it being related to Patton's first wife, I also found it really insulting and rather making fun of people doing their own research rather than a nod to those who have actually helped.



    I tried to rewatch it because unlike gigi it was not as fresh on my mind and if my memory is correct I saw The Room, Titanic II, and this all in the same weekend in 2012, so I literally blocked everything except the Dog Rap out of my brain. But as I tried to rewatch I was struck by that first scene of the ship sinking how they just reused the same animation over and over as new things happened to the ship. It was too hard to watch that stupid girl's face go through the same surprise multiple times.

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