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    Ok, kind of off topic but I just wanted to point out that the 'pervy' interpretation of Lewis Carroll is highly disputed. The child nudes were a completely normal thing for Victorian England, and every one he took was with a parent present. It's not like he was luring little kids into his photo studio with candy.


    Sorry to stay off topic but I wanted to reply haha. I know that it's widly diputed so I should have put that in my original comment. However, I've read statements where the parents of those children were not comfortable with the attention that Carroll was giving their children. Of course they never said no or stop but it still raises some eyebrows in my opinion. Plus just because photographs of nude children were common in that time doesn't mean that there wasn't something odd about the photographers taking them. Just means they weren't going to get into trouble for it.


    I am by no means trying to put myself out there as a Lewis Carroll expert or something but like I said I know it's one of those great debates. I just thought it was funny that this movie has that creepy vibe and then they mention Lewis Carroll haha.

  2. I know that this episode is done but just in case Paul ever sees this I really need to get this out there.


    They mentioned a lot of super creepy molestation innuendos throughout the movie and then Eugene Levy's odd fascination with Lewis Carroll. Now they just thought that his mentioning the author was just because he wanted to be famous like him after he wrote the three children's books. But I think it ties in more with the creepy molestation crap. Lewis Carroll was a known perv. He had an odd relationship with the little girl that had inspired Alice in Wonderland that her parents were very uncomfortable with. And then he took many many pictures of children, some of them even in the nude. I have more of a feeling that Eugene Levy's character was way more into kids than they wanted us to believe.


    (Source: I minored in art history and studied the history of photography my last semester. So we delved into creepy photographers like Carroll.)

  3. Just to add on the fact that it made no sense that the sharks would get picked up by a tornado over land like the gang mentioned, but it didn't make sense that the plane would fly through the sharknado in the beginning at all! They were flying from LA to NY and according to the local meteorologist that is on the TV while Tara Reid is in the hospital the sharknado came from the south almost in the same track that Hurricane Sandy had taken. How in the hell did a flight from LA go through that storm!? And was that the only flight flying into JFK at the time? Did no other plane land or take off ever?! HOW WAS THAT THE ONLY PLANE TO GO THROUGH THAT STORM?!?!