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  1. TVsFredSavage

    Escape From L.A. (1996)

    They made 2 versions of 2 separate games starring Snake Plisskin for the PS2
  2. Even if you are having me on (or "playing me" as the kids today like to say) my interest IS piqued now. Of course that rarely lasts long. The lone exception to diminishining piqued interest is the one woman who shared a seemingly mutual level of interest with me for the first time ever and which went down in flames as a result of podcast forum gossiping.
  3. It would be interesting is JEFFERYPARTIES had been Jeff Dunham all along, because while I do enjoy the majority of things about America, I also stand behind the solidity and message of my pun. I lived in Texas most of my life, and I know members of his hardcore following.
  4. Under different circumstances, I almost feel like me, Sean, Hayes, and Nathan Fielder would have been really good buds.But whatever. Edit: Sam Hyde too Edit 2: and Tim Heidecker would be like the cool dad or something.
  5. This thread, I suppose... http://imgur.com/a/oJmtV I meant to type Hindenburger, but upon reflection there are more layers contained within the typographical eror than my actual idea.
  6. All the spiderman and cobweb related stuff has not gone over my heard either fwiw. One CBB episode in particular involved describing spinning in one's chair and shooting webs. I've heard it all. I've heard it all through the yellow windows of the evening train (thats a Tom Waits thing). Edit: I swear to whatever actually exists that I planned none of this. I am starting to believe in time travel and magic.
  7. I mande another username change. I hope you guys find it appropriate for me.
  8. This one that you are on? It sounds good to me. Maybe my taste is getting less bad. Talk music to me.
  9. I could not make this shit up http://m.imgur.com/a/Z2aHZ
  10. oh my god he said his escaped cat's name was "Alfredo"
  11. I will never post again if there would still be podcasts. I was actually talking to a friend from when I went back to school for a 3D modeling certification that I met just before hospital incident about maybe starting a podcast about science and philosophy and stuff and I am not going to dwell on or bring up whatever really did happen here. I still really don't understand, I definetly dont have all the info. I was going to try and have my old roommate from art school be part of it too but when I tried to get him into a group VOIP call last night he just kept playing weird sounds through the phone and wouldnt talk. He texted and said he was busy trying to set a trap for his runaway cat so he was too preoccupied with that to speak. Now that I am seeing the words typed on a screen though...I think I need an adult. HELP I NEED AN ADULT! (Thats a Family Guy thing but I'm not really joking at all.) Will there be more podcasts? Like...the kind from... before? (I am scared to use the word episode)
  12. TVsFredSavage

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    Do you guys have some problem with me other than that one time I made bad jokes here and on facebook? There have been times when this wrong name stuff is peppered with really fucked up sounding shit that has no connection to me and it has been screwing with my head. Putting aside the fact that this all cost me my primary friend, do you all think I am some sort of criminal? Because I have nothing to hide. Edit: spelling
  13. TVsFredSavage

    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is a superb film.
  14. TVsFredSavage

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    The Final Fantasy Tactics order has been cancelled. Edit: ...and its Remeron and Pristiq, not that its any of your business. Wellbutrin and Risperidone stopped having any effect after a while.