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  1. Just to follow up with some VLC snapshot proof that she used a stunt double for RUNNING UP THE STAIRS - there's no way that this is Vivica A. Fox!
  2. Possible omission...Does anyone else think that Vivica A. Fox used a stunt double when the group was running up the subway stairs?
  3. theswee

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    SOMETHING I THINK THAT WAS MISSED. Hey guys - this is my FIRST post, and actually the first time I have watched a movie just so I could listen to the podcast (in the past I have either only listened to ones I had already seen or didn't care that I hadn't seen). Gooby was so deliriously bad/good, and I haven't read all the comments to see if anyone mentioned this yet, but I wanted to comment on something that I think the guys missed. Paul keeps saying that Gooby doesn't help the kid with the hoonies, or do anything else that the voice-overs say he did. I think the thing everyone missed is that Gooby was there to have the kid help HIM (meaning help Gooby) get over the fears that he had, so that made Willy comfort him and sometimes chastise him for his (Gooby's) fears, and in so doing, get over his own (Willy's) fears. Gooby was like a foil for all of Willy's shortcomings. He would ask him all these rhetorical questions about life situations framed sometimes as fears or doubts that he (Gooby) pretended to have, and one by one, Gooby helps Willy grow up and get over his hang-ups. What do you guys think?