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  1. 16 minutes ago, AlmostAGhost said:

    I do appreciate going through old HDTGM films, but maybe that should be the rough guide and if something comes up we all decide we must see we can jump off the path every so often.

    So maybe the default is an HDTGM film and every month we can decide as a group if we want to deviate to something else?

    (Like, we should probably do this Roped we just learned about together right?)

    This is the exact film I was thinking about... ;) 

  2. 6 minutes ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    To me, more unbelievable than a nutcracker doll coming to life was Kate's impromptu Christmas dinner.  She invites all of her friends over on Christmas morning for a 1pm dinner and somehow they are all free and able to make it.  Did none of them already have their own dinner plans for Christmas?  Kate also mentions that she still needs to go and buy a turkey for the dinner.  I am not sure where she is going to find a supermarket open on Christmas day that has a fresh turkey available to buy.  Then she somehow manages to buy and get that turkey cooked in time for the 1pm dinner.  There were at least 10 people there, so you figure a 15 to 20 pound turkey which would take 3.5 - 4.5 hours to cook.  I have a feeling most of the people at that party ended up with Jessica St. Clair-level digestive issues from undercooked food.

    YES!!! This was CRAZY!

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  3. 1 minute ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    You would think the military would have done a better job vetting the company they use to pick up the cookies or at the very least sent some of their own soldiers to go and pick them up.

    That's what I was thinking, too. With my old job, every so often I had to do work on military bases, and it is a super pain in the ass to get clearance and whatnot. I feel like they would have just sent some of their own people to pick up the cookies rather than just picking a company at random.

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  4. Hi! I think all of us who have participated in the past have shown interest in maybe starting this up again. It looks like we will be able to do it through Kast, which has worked tolerably well so far. So, if you're interested in rebooting this sucker, let me know. Also, if you're interested, and haven't already, you may want to go ahead and create an account with Kast :) 

    I was thinking we'd pick up where we left off: First Friday of the month, 9PM EST. (Although, I was thinking we shoot for Jan 8th since the first Friday in January is New Year's Day and that might not be ideal for everyone :P )

    Also, how do you all want this to be? Do you just want to be where we left off in the HDTGM catalogue (I'll have to look what the last film we did was) or do you want it to be more open? For example, I know a bunch of us have been goofing on A California Christmas. Should we structure this more like Musical Mondays where somebody picks a film? Or, since we're piggybacking off of the HDTGM thread, should we keep to the plan and just do those other movies on a more individualized basis?

    Anyway, I hope you guys are in! I want 2021 to be a better year, and I always looked forward to these evenings with you guys.  

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  5. On 12/18/2020 at 11:58 PM, DannytheWall said:

    I wish they would have talked about the ice skating scene more. Yes, it's obviously plastic, but it's equally obvious that the actors were not wearing skates at all, right? Was this because the actors can't skate? Because there's some union rules about stunt people? Were the Lifetime producers following some kind of checklist? I mean, maybe it's not a "Bad Scene" at all, becuase it's actually pretty impressive that the cinematographer framed everything just right, that the editors chose just the right cuts, and the actors, well, they did their best.   

    THANK YOU!!! My wife was only half watching and wouldn't believe me. I was like, "No, whenever they're in a two shot, they're taking little tiny steps to mimic skating!" 

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  6. I can kind of get why MJH might have mistook Chip for an actor in the ballet -- after all, she was expecting one to show up at her house to stay for a couple of days -- but did she honestly never wonder he didn't need to rehearse? She doesn't even make an effort to show him where the theater is or anything. Instead, she offers him a full time job as a nut crusher at her bakery. I guess, I just find her to be dangerously uncurious. If I'm not mistaken, she doesn't even start to put it all together until midway through the third act of the ballet when she suddenly realizes that he's been sitting next to her the entire time.  

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  7. I was definitely hoping for more from the Mouse King. It seems strange to me to introduce magic into your story, but only take the fantastical elements so far. I wanted a human sized rat damn it! 

    However, I think my biggest issue with the Mouse King was trying to suss out his business model. I mean, forget about cookies, this guy is apparently running a freight company that immediately puts the squeeze on its clients for extra cash, and then what? What exactly was his endgame? She clearly didn't have the 5k he was demanding. Had Chip not intervened, what would have happened? He was hired to make a delivery and now he's just not going to do that? How is his company making *any* money, let alone any additional money earned through extortion?      

    Also, seeing how they only agreed to take the cookies to the base after being threatened by Chip, there is absolutely no way I would trust them to haul my freight. These guys are clearly criminals! What's to stop them from dumping your wares a couple miles down the road or trying to fence that shit and pocketing the money for themselves?   

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  8. 19 minutes ago, SideofMcG said:

    Look - am I the only one who saw the Nutcracker guy for the first time and thought, "Huh, he kinda looks like Paul Scheer."

    I demand Paul dress up in a nutcracker outfit and post a photo to prove me right!

    Also - I only listened to the start of the episode today - was all the June poisoning saga cut out? Because if so that's the editing of a guilty man right there. #ReleaseThePoisonCut


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  9. 16 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    I've listened to it once. It's definitely better than Egypt Station. I don't have any strong thoughts on it other than it's all right.

    The first song has a weird sound for Paul. It sounds like some riff I would have come up with in college. Paul's voice on Women And Wives is a choice. Deep Deep Feeling doesn't need to be 8 minutes long. That's about it. 

    I really liked the first song, and pretty much the whole package together. Like, it feels like a concept album. The problem is, I didn't feel a lot of distinction between the songs. It's not the best thing he's ever done, but it's middle of the road, and I don't hate that. 

  10. Here’s what bugged me about army guy at the end: he’s not an adequate substitute for her just continuing her relationship with Chip. He’s not filling any discernible void. 

    Based on what we know about MJH and her workaholic tendencies, the kind of casual, once-a-year relationship that she would have had with Chip seems almost ideal. Yet, by pairing her off with the army dude, the movie seems to be positing that that kind of limited relationship would be inadequate, and that she requires a more present partner. Which is fine, of course. However, the movie then decides to pair her off with a person who is not only less magical than Chip, but equally (if not more) unavailable! The movie goes to great lengths to tell us how rare it is for army dude visit his aunt. From the sound of it, it seems like it’s been years. If anything, a guaranteed once-year-visit from Chip sounds far more stable and reliable than whatever she can build with some random army guy who never has time to visit.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, SaraK said:

    In the beginning of the movie did MJH's boyfriend just straight up admit to cheating on her and blaming it on her being a busy, successful baker? And no one seemed really upset about that? It bothered me through out the whole movie that she was more upset about being single for the ball instead of just pissed he was apparently cheating on her the whole time. 

    My main take away from this movie are these two images I immediately sent to my friends while I was watching this movie. Barry Watson is great at being a terrible actor. He has another made-for-tv movie where he's a robot and its god awful and --- he's the best part of it. 


    Hi Sara!



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  12. 19 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    One thing that's weird about this is that, I felt like Steve Martin deserved to be arrested. He didn't do anything though. He didn't kill the blind girl. I don't condone cheating on one's spouse, but that's the only thing wrong he really did. I'm not sure why I felt glad that he was caught.

    That’s a great point! He’s such a weasel that you want to see him punished — but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all. That’s such an interesting dynamic. Why does a death sentence feel justified here?

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  13. I first heard about this movie years ago when they covered it on The Canon. It was weird because I had pretty much stopped listening to it at that point so why I decided to randomly hop back on for one episode, particularly for a an episode covering a movie I'd never heard about, is pretty odd. It's one of those weird vivid memories of a prosaic event type things. I remember what I was doing at the time and everything. Weird. 

    Anyway, the way Amy spoke about it made me super curious and it's always been in the back of my mind that I need to see it. So a couple months ago when I saw this on sale, I picked it up right away. 

    Pretty much, I agree with what everyone has been saying. Although, I think I disagree with Martin being miscast. I especially wouldn't want someone like Walken in the role as I feel like he would be too intimidating, and I think the role requires someone a little more off beat. Besides his physicality, I think Martin brings brings an off-centeredness to his character. He seems handsome and normal, but there's something that's not quite right about him, too. It's more than just being a horny creep. He gives off an almost serial killery vibe, or, too normal to be normal, if you catch my drift.

    Anyway. I'm glad I bought it. I doubt I will watch it often, but I think I will definitely revisit it from time to time. 

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  14. 1 minute ago, DanEngler said:

    I know as much as you guys about the future of the forums, and I honestly don't think any higher-ups at Earwolf Midroll Scripps SiriusXM even knows they exist. The exodus of shows from the network this year—Pistol Shrimps Radio, Superego, In Voorhees We Trust, Big Grande's Teachers Lounge, Off Book, Yo Is This Racist?, Culture Kings, Hollywood Handbook—doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

    For what it's worth, I created /r/MusicalMondays and /r/Unspooled on Reddit a while back. They're both currently private/vacant, but the glass is ready to be broken in case of emergency. (If any of you are Reddit users and want to be appointed moderators, I'd happily cede control.)

    Wow, that's even more shows then I thought! I agree I think they have bigger fish to fry than the forums, so maybe we'll just coast on by for awhile. I appreciate you making those other Reddit threads. I'm still not on Reddit, but yeah, if needs must, I will gladly relieve you of them :) 

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