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  1. Scratch that itch, wash that dish, paint that pic-tch, it's all art to me.
  2. TheMisterPipes

    New REM venture? What's this? Any news?

    Thanks for the clarification, I wonder if/when it'll come out. Very exciting if they decide to drop it.
  3. TheMisterPipes

    New REM venture? What's this? Any news?

    Strange, I assume it was recent, could easily be false. I just got excited.
  4. Someone snagged this from a survey, signs of good to come?
  5. TheMisterPipes

    What's up hotdog?

    What's up hotdog?
  6. Welcome to this, the show where we talk to interesting people, Hollywood Handbook.
  7. Al Dente, my dentist, says I should cook my spaghetti softer.
  8. Take a peep peep before you sleep sleep in the deep deep dark recesses of your mind's eye.
  9. Grapes, Vapes or Apes: Nobody rides for less than $3.50/hr.
  10. TheMisterPipes

    23 - The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour

    Wait wait wait, I think my headphones cut out, is Bonobos still with the band?
  11. Washing your hands with Horatio is what I call hand-Sanzitizer.
  12. Are you feeling sad? Me too, this is not a fun three-way, freeway.
  13. TheMisterPipes

    Eat Your Asparaplugs

    A gentle reminder to plug and eat healthy.
  14. Just a funky little plugs themed beat to rile the plug-spirit. Featuring Mr. Wittels, Ms. Lapkus, Mr. Moynihan and Scottrick himself. 'Pull Plugs Like Taffy (rip2soon)':