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  1. Scratch that itch, wash that dish, paint that pic-tch, it's all art to me.
  2. TheMisterPipes

    New REM venture? What's this? Any news?

    Thanks for the clarification, I wonder if/when it'll come out. Very exciting if they decide to drop it.
  3. Someone snagged this from a survey, signs of good to come?
  4. TheMisterPipes

    New REM venture? What's this? Any news?

    Strange, I assume it was recent, could easily be false. I just got excited.
  5. TheMisterPipes

    What's up hotdog?

    What's up hotdog?
  6. Welcome to this, the show where we talk to interesting people, Hollywood Handbook.
  7. Al Dente, my dentist, says I should cook my spaghetti softer.
  8. Take a peep peep before you sleep sleep in the deep deep dark recesses of your mind's eye.
  9. Grapes, Vapes or Apes: Nobody rides for less than $3.50/hr.
  10. TheMisterPipes

    23 - The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour

    Wait wait wait, I think my headphones cut out, is Bonobos still with the band?
  11. Washing your hands with Horatio is what I call hand-Sanzitizer.
  12. Are you feeling sad? Me too, this is not a fun three-way, freeway.
  13. TheMisterPipes

    Eat Your Asparaplugs

    A gentle reminder to plug and eat healthy.
  14. Just a funky little plugs themed beat to rile the plug-spirit. Featuring Mr. Wittels, Ms. Lapkus, Mr. Moynihan and Scottrick himself. 'Pull Plugs Like Taffy (rip2soon)':
  15. TheMisterPipes

    Sound Plug Advice

    Simple crude beat, warped vocals. Had me laughing and thinking about plugs in no time. Enjoy!
  16. TheMisterPipes

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    I vote yes, not only does this movie distill and present Von Trier at his purest. It approaches the themes of sex, gender, religion, nature and perhaps god as an umbrella in a way, and it does so with an honesty that is not found in other similarly themed films. Antichrist is easily Von Trier's best, only contested by Dancer In the Dark (one film I remember truly breaking me) and I believe it fulfills a lot of his goals as a film maker, though I am no authority on his intentions. It seems to me his features since: Melancholia, Nymphomaniac, have declined in meandering around these themes but not quite sticking in any one point fully enough to truly bring out an honest clarity in the way Antichrist did. I do have a predisposition for discussion of religion/existence and the like, so perhaps that is why it resonates with me on a deeper level, but there is much more here than is presented, and it should absolutely be in the canon.
  17. Sweet Sister Citrus sits six slick ships into six slick ship's slits.
  18. Mandela effect? I don't know what you're talking about. Welcome to Comedy Death Ray Radio on Indie 103.1. What's up hot-dog?
  19. If you're looking for the bathroom, oh boy, you're in for a treat!
  20. TheMisterPipes


    Haven't formulated a wish yet, but 200% certain this ends with Jason on twitter for a time.
  21. Telllll me love isn't true, it's just something that happens when chemicals mix in the brain and leave us feeling dissatisfied with most things.
  23. TheMisterPipes

    Earwolf Store Delays?

    Heynong man, I once ordered a shirt and waited much longer than I should have, contacted them and got super polite and affirming responses, waited much longer, then they even sent another free of charge (appeared to be lost in the mail) Over the next few weeks I had received both orders. I don't know what it is about the mail, they just seem to screw with earwolf orders. I blame Scott, never should have started with those rallying stamps.com ads. All other words aside, hang tight, I'm sure it's just a snail-mail mix up. Still waiting on an order myself, but the Traci shirts are still in preorder, no issue there. C'mon earwolf (and Bono), we want some fuckin' t-shirts!
  24. Easily my favorite ep of this podcast so far, I have no idea how she'll ever top it. Lauren even dropped a 'I did not win-know that.' into the latest ep, so so perfect.