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  1. Thanks Snake for posting the trailer! I couldn't load it when I submitted my original post.


    Jerry Canada---You can see the full movie on youtube. TCM had it on when I saw it.

    Seriously, how can you go wrong with with this movie. It has a man baby who is only known as "Baby". It utilized a cattle prod. It has a sadistic mother and with her two henchwomen daughters.


    It was epic and very disturbing and entirely enjoyable.

  2. Hi everyone.


    I recently caught "The Baby" on TCM. It was made in 1973.

    It is about a mother who keeps her adult son as a baby (diapers and rompers!) and the social worker trying take him away.

    It is all so over the top. To quote Jason, "it blew my mind". The acting, the script, the absolute lack of acknowledging reality.

    If anybody wishes to see it in all its glory--you can watch it free on youtube.





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