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  1. JMonsterface

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    Well this forum has become much less active than it used to be, so I will take this opportunity to review then new Taco Bell WILD naked chicken chalupa. It tastes bad I am pretty sure the meat is rat meat I appreciate the spice, but it isn't helping This was a bad lunch whelp, love y'all Maybe they shouldn't make taco shells out of fried chicken. Back in the day Dengler would have banned me for this. Word is he's moderating the Headgum forums these days
  2. JMonsterface

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    Oh my lord, this was very funny and I said this before Honlads but the computer accidentally put it after.
  3. JMonsterface

    Episode 224 - Nick Wiger, Our Corny Friend

    Please forgive me for the punchiness but I just had an argument with my friend about Star Wars so I'm feelin a bit hot. I had mixed feelings about "A Futile And Stupid Gesture". On the one hand, the casting was. of course. excellent, and the subject matter is fascinating. but I thought the part where they glorify the heck out of these Hogwarts alumni was a little heavy handed. Like, I get that that was part of the joke, but as a poor fat schlub, seeing this movie portray these rich successful schlubs made me a bit jealous. Also I think David Wain over-lights everything.
  4. JMonsterface

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    Dengler chomped this post in half, Jaws style. -hairy ASS
  5. JMonsterface

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    Dude... Groot...
  6. JMonsterface

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    Here is my entry for the "intern Kevin has to get a tattoo" contest. I relly hope I win this time, he must be running out of skin at this point.
  7. JMonsterface

    Episode 2121 - Todd Glass

    I don't care how incapable of carrying on a regular human conversation he is, I LOVE Jimmy Pardo. Oh and I am a big Todd Glass fan too, glad to see him on the show. Anyway I know that Jimmy doesn't come within in an inch of these forums, but I just wanted to thank him for sharing. Thanks Jimmy!
  8. I just found this thread and I feel really embarrassed that I didn't find it sooner... It's so funny... I feel so despondent... I guess, I will share my movie idea now so it's a movie about a young man he is very mysterious and probably handsome, and he has a habit of being late to the party so to speak but he has a secret he actually is really really good at doing skateboard tricks and if any of you saw him do one you would probably be really impressed and also the man is me, I was talking about me the whole time
  9. JMonsterface

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    Guys, if you really want Sean and Hayes's attention, you need to list all the reasons that Last Jedi was actually really good!
  10. JMonsterface

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    Ok guys, I was too nervous to show up in the last thread because some big-names were talking about me, but I'm finally here and I am ready to say my piece. The Last Jedi was great. Like, really really great. I don't understand why everyone hates it. Even the people who liked it hated the casino part, which I thought was also great. I just don't get it. Why is everyone so mad at this wonderful movie? Anyway, great episode boys!
  11. JMonsterface

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    Well, I had a really good thanksgiving, and that is something I appreciate. Anyway, when I (just now) saw the guest for this episode, I went, "hwAAAAAAH", which is the best way I can think of to describe a big gasp (at least the way I do one). What I am really trying to say is this: to anyone who dropped even the slightest of spoilies, ...lame dude! Anyways, since I already don't care, you might as well all fill me in on the autofellatio stuff
  12. JMonsterface

    Episode 212 - Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend Again

    I would kill any of you for Joe's approval.
  13. JMonsterface

    Episode 212 - Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend Again

    Honlads, as much as I love you, you need to get out of here with that Greghead rhetoric before I flip out!
  14. JMonsterface

    Episode 212 - Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend Again

    There was a time when Sean and Hayes never ever came here, but we all competed for the right to be included in eacother's elaborate fan fiction. It was in that time that the greatest of us succeeded. Edit- For the record, I am kidding of course. Hayes and Sean used to engage with the forums from back in the RSS days (I was not there, I didn't show up for a very long time after) when they were adorable babies with their first podcast all the way through at least 100 eps of this show and beyond occasionally. I always figured they stopped because they actually became popular. Anyway, I get why people don't post here as much, but I still think it's a nice place and we shouldn't call it dead or whatever.
  15. JMonsterface

    Episode 212 - Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend Again

    This was a real Bad Boys of Hollywood episode! I wanted to have a more funny outlandish premise to post about, but when I was trying to think of one I knocked over a box of those little red coffee stirrers, and when I tried to clean up the mess I got creamer all over my hands, so all the napkins were sticking to everything, and the person at the Starbucks got mad and yelled, "hey, what the HELL are you doing", and even though that hurt my feelings, they were right to ask, because I was comedically grasping at straws.
  16. JMonsterface

    Episode 205 - Jessica Chaffin, Our Close Friend

    Finally, I managed to be the first person to comment on a brand new HH episode. Here's the description: After last week's blockbuster extravaganza, I am SHOCKED to see the boys raise the bar so high that their bed post notches have reached well into culture's symbolic father's attic where we can hear grandad's ghost make everyone feel weird. Pretty grossed out about the description to be honest, but I'm just so happy to have another episode.
  17. JMonsterface

    Episode 511 - Morzouksnick Interruption

    I think we all know how exciting this is; It's only a few hours until the new Hollywood Handbook comes out! Anyway, I am here for totally on-topic reasons, so no one can punish me for this comment. What a fun and funny lineup on this ep! Zouks right? I can't stop laughing.
  18. JMonsterface

    Episode 201 - Live at UCB Sunset w/ Kumail Nanjiani

    This shit is so funny.
  19. In times of great loss we must all remember to take stock and be grateful for what we still have. So I would like to say that I take great comfort in not being able to see what Dan Engler is doing to himself in his celebration cave right now.
  20. Ok, here's a message to SEAN and friggin HAYES: Yeah, that's right boys, I still listen to your FRIGGIN podcast, ever thought about that!!? So, nice try trying to never come back again, but THINK AGAIN. "Snap on you, snap on me, poo poo poo, pee pee pee" -you guys, being funny ps- Seriously, don't go away you doobuses!
  21. JMonsterface

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    So, like, obviously I'm inclined to wanna come here and say, "More like Julie Clownsner, because she's funny like a clown, but frankly I'm starting to think she might be a lot funnier than a clown. Honk honk folks!
  22. JMonsterface

    Episode 189 - Mookie Blaiklock, Our Evergreen Friend

    What if Sean and Hayes guested on Rose Buddies? Wouldn't that be cool? I think so. No, it's a stupid idea. Just forget I said anything. No. Pretend Honlads said it! I'm Honlads now! BLEH BLEH BLEH LOOK AT HOW TIPPY MY CUP IS TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA Sorry H-man, I had to burn ya to save face.
  23. I used to disliked musical episodes. I also used to dislike Matt's taste in music. I took stock during this episode, and I realized I no longer feel that way. It also goes without mentioning but, this is a stellar lineup. Beyond stellar, even.
  24. JMonsterface

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Guys Folks People Please... Has anyone made this joke yet: Chris Bananas? 'Cause that'd be good. Anyways, I woke up out of a coma to tell you all that.