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  1. Adam Scott claimed that R.E.M. was the greatest American Rock band. While I don't think this is true I found it hard to come up with other contenders.


    Obviously there are bands I enjoy more than R.E.M., but when taking into consideration the criteria one must consider when deciding the greatest American rock band, the bands I enjoy don't really cut the mustard



    Criteria: Commercial success, Critical success, longevity, influence on music.


    The only other bands I could think of that may compete with R.E.M. are as follows:



    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    The Eagles


    Are there any other bands that come to mind when you think of the greatest American Rock Band?

  2. #1 Did someone Sit on a Duck ep28

    #2 Something for daddy ep 99

    #3 finger guns ep 154

    #4 Out of Bleeps ep 176

    #5 todd 2.0

    #6 Half a score ep 247

    #7 Climbing the Ladder #146

    #8 Farts and Procreation #120

    #9 Bro ing out #121

    #10 monster Muscles #293


    These aren't so much my favorite episodes, but they allowed me to include all my favorite guests. PFT, Jon Daly, Todd Glass, Lauren Lapkus, Jon Gabrus, Paul Rust, Andy Daly, Jason Mantzoukas, Harris Wittles, Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Ben Schwartz, Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Tim Meadows, James Adomian, Matt Besser and of course Reggie Watts.


    Frequent guest I feel bad for having left out. Neil Campbell, Bob Odenkirk, Paul Scheer, Seth Morris.


    I do think ep 28 is my favorite of the entire show though.

  3. I like your list a lot, but I would definitely put the Exorcism of Cake Boss at #1. Every time I listen to that ep, I find something new and delightful. Reverse April Fools with Patton, Traci, and Qthor is also a strong contender.


    I agree with you completely. Out of the top three of my predictions, Exorcism of Cake Boss, is the one i've listened to the most, and maybe enjoyed the most as well. But I gave #300 the 1 spot because it's an amazing performance by Andy Daly. I can't imagining trying to take something like that on, and he did it nearly flawlessly. I think Andy Daly deserves some kind of award for his performance on ep 300. like an emmy or an oscar or something like that.

  4. If the voting was to start today, which episodes do you think would make the top ten. This is what I think so far.


    1. Oh Golly, You Devil

    2. Time Bobby 3

    3. Exorcism of Cake Boss

    4. 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    5. Wompsters University

    6. Comedy Bang Me

    7. Hollywild

    8. That wasn't it (I'm back)[hee hee}

    9. Solo Bolo


    Bonus Clips:

    Scott Calls Zappity Jon (twice)

    The send off competition

    technicality no done boo over

    (if solo bolo doesn't make the top ten, then something from that)

    and if 2013 spectacualr doesn't make it then they should at least include the schindler's list joke.


    I'm curious to know what you guys think.