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  1. as a big fan of Pierre Henry's Variations Pour Une Porte Et Un Soupir ( ), I'm liking where this episode is starting though I think maybe the performers are not so familiar with musique concrete (!). Still loving it though and I am absolutely going to buy this book. edit: wow this is a really great one
  2. I guess there's people, or at least this one guy, who gets stung by bugs on youtube professionally. Here is a fun bit of a video with him trying to get stung by a bullet ant. https://youtu.be/tXjHb5QmDV0?t=619 I put it in code tags because its a long video and you want to see this part specifically
  3. texter

    Episode 3 - Cartoons

    great episode, though did cartoon network get the shaft? powerpuff girls, dexters lab, courage, all great stuff. and cartoon planet/space ghost coast to coast. does anyone remember how they debuted the space ghost stuff with this big countdown of the top superheroes, #2 was superman and then #1 was space ghost. haven't seen any talk of that online before. one thing I loved about cartoon network and disney channel was that it was in the early days where they had no original content, I'd get to see weird 80s cartoons like Pirates of Dark Water that were just slightly before my time, shitty hannah barbara limited animation garbage from the 60s and 70s, and all sorts of disney/looney tunes/fleischer shorts from 30s to 70s. I was all about that, except for the Hannah Barbara stuff, which I hated. if bk kids club doesnt come up in the next ep I hope they come up in the cartoons sequel, because those are the most 90s cartoon characters of all.
  4. this well still has some milk in it
  5. so since this is the final episode I feel like I need to use the spoiler tag here, if you haven't listened WHAT ARE YOU DOING enjoy this last hurrah
  6. texter

    Episode 303 - The Auditions

    I could see this getting a bit too insidery for some but even as an outsider this stayed really entertaining the whole way through, great stuff. and I really hope Dalton gets that comedic sidekick gig.
  7. this Besser/Armen collaboration has been so wonderful to watch grow, and this one really felt like it took it to the next level. great way to cap off a great year of the show.
  8. texter

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Yeah it would be good to get the ad free eps in. But what I'd really like to see are some curated introductory playlists for shows. Like I know with Who Charted you could do something with a Cliffs Notes on Howard, find a good ep to cover the whole summah stuff, get that one where he talks about the superhero team he had with friends as a youth, throw in a few other things and then bam someone can get a good handle on where he's coming from and are primed to go thru the archives in earnest. It would be cool to have that for shows I haven't checked out yet. And then that leads to the other thing I'd really like to see, which is some kind of persistent icon or something that shows when you've already listened to an episode. Because if you poke around a bit at first when getting into a show, it can be hard to remember which episodes have been listened to later on.
  9. As we enter into this new summah, lets throw down some top 5's for what's good for enjoying the change in season 5. Nico Gomez and his Afro Percussion Inc - Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! (1971) Someone showed me this recently, it's some Dutch guy? Some really groovin stuff tho. 4. (1969)Was trading songs back and forth this one, got onto the subject of popular samples. I had no idea that this is where DJ Shadow got his sample for Mutual Slump, and then that the song that followed would be so cool. 3. (2014)This is some Finnish band from an album last year, I don't know how to say their name but this song is fun. 2. (1982)I keep meaning to check out this guy's old band, Yellow Magic Orchestra, but I heard this a few years ago and it's always been fun to pull out once things get nice outside. 1. (1974)This is just a jam.
  10. texter

    EPISODE 345 — Shifting Bouncy

    Motion Smoothing is the feature on TVs that makes things look like cheap soap operas and it is truly terrible.
  11. That rap battle was one for the ages.
  12. texter

    Episode 172 — Big Grande

    The snow one definitely seemed fishy, but the cleverbot one seems legit. That's what talking to cleverbot is like, it accuses you of being a robot and says nonsense (because it's learned from the people who talk to it, who mostly just accuse it of being a robot and say nonsense).
  13. texter

    Episode 196.5 — 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    "If you go underwater and say hey octopus.." "He's not gonna turn around!" Oh man I am loving this ep.