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  1. ChristineFredrickson

    Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

    Upvote. This sounds amazing.
  2. ChristineFredrickson

    Pamela's Prayer

    So bad it's hilarious, from the acting, to the writing, to the production. Plot: A creepy dad controls his daughter and orders her to never kiss a boy until she gets married, and to never date. It is outrageous and unbelievable; her friend goes on one date and ends up getting raped, and the dad just sort of nods knowingly, like "Well, that's what happens when you date." When Pamela does get married, they don't even show the kiss, and instead pan to the creepy dad's face! Product Description: This motion picture portrays the unique and heartfelt story of Pamela Bucklin from her birth in 1969 to her wedding day in 1991. It also contrasts two Christian girls and their different outlook toward purity and dating. All of Pamela's friends were dating. She was not. And it seemed unfair that her father insisted on such a high standard of purity. Yes, it seemed unfair...until the day she married. A couple "Second Opinion" review exerpts on Amazon.com: "Finally, a film with good morals AND realistic dialogue. This is no "Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Visit Grandma's" sappy love-fest. Pam's Prayer tells it like it is. You enter the halls of a real high school and witness the sinful underbelly of teen life." "Her remarkable acting range takes her character all the way from an obedient daughter to a giving wife." "This is a poignant and well-done film about a young Christian girl who considers disobeying her father's command that she never kiss before marriage. Pamela's Prayer is a movie that really stands--almost alone--against the legions of immoral junk films produced by Hollywood's "Kissing Industry.""