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    Alan Thicke "Uuuuurrrpt"

    Thank you!
  2. fogelsong

    Alan Thicke "Uuuuurrrpt"

    PFT's Alan Thicke "uuuuurrrpt", "buuurrrppt" and other similar noises are so funny to me. I don't understand why but it just is. I decided to start from the beginning, listening to all of Alan Thicke's appearance. Based on the CBB wikia, http://comedybangbang.wikia.com/wiki/Alan_Thicke, I started with 245 - no such noises. I moved on to the 2013 Tour Toronto show (10.10.13) and no noises still. In the 2013 Tour 2nd Washington, D.C. show (10.15.13), the "uuuurrrrpt"/etc noises began. It honestly started with PFT saying "umm" and stretching that out in Alan Thicke's voice. It sounded funny, so he did it again and continued to do so throughout the night. It started at 9:28 into the show. I want to compile a supercut. Can anyone suggest software to use?
  3. fogelsong

    Episode 301 — They're Twins Jonah!

    Long time listener - subscribed since ep. 145-ish I signed up for an account on the forums just to chime in on this episode. Like everyone else, the Victor podcast section of this episode just killed me. The theme song, the buzz (Toy Story?), the weather outside and when the dentist came in... I was crying from laughter and nearly died from not being able to breathe. LEAB HIM ALONE reference: