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  1. Hey, so my friend Adam Rudy jumped on the unofficial "How Does It Feel" song challenge bandwagon, but can't register for the forums because the captcha thing is broken? Check that out, Earwolf. Anyway, he asked me to post it for him. He mashed up Stand and Superman, with a little extra help from Adam Scott Aukerman. It's good rock 'n' roll, uh, music. https://soundcloud.c...ure-in-rem-good
  2. A humbly submitted plugs theme: "Comedy Death Ray (Plugs Remix)" by Steve Combs https://soundcloud.com/stevecombsmusic/comedy-death-ray-plugs-remix
  3. Steve Combs - "I'd Like to Plug the Color Black" https://soundcloud.c...-plug-the-color
  4. https://soundcloud.com/stevecombsmusic/a-little-something-we-call Steve Combs - A Little Something We Call Plugs