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    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    CORRECTIONS AND OMISSIONS re: shark respiration in and out of the water wow have I done too much research on shark breathing today. essentially, gilled fish take in oxygen-rich water and run it through their gills, which are made of very small, fine filaments. through capillary action, the oxygen-poor/carbon dioxide-rich blood exchanges CO2 for oxygen, becoming oxygenated and moving through the rest of the body. This is analogous to the mechanism of breathing in humans, where oxygen rich air is taken into the lungs, which are made of tiny alveoli through which deoxygenated blood is pumped; in the capillaries of the alveoli, the same CO2/oxygen exchanges occur. Anyhow! Sharks have a constant stream of oxygen rich water flowing through their gills - to try to remove oxygen from the water vapor in the air of the sharknado would be like us trying to breathe in an environment with next to no available air - it might be there, but certainly not enough for one to survive. It's otter nonsense. long story short fucking duh sharks can't live in the AIR