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    Home Art

    @jmoneyfresh Yes i am a baby will tell you what kind. I am actually sci fi baby. No street smarts (yet, lmfao), i still spend most of my time in my crib. @ 00000 I am pretty sure Im saying both words... Home and Art. Home Art. @goo0se And is that something that's interesting? Appreciate any advice.
  2. AdamZornChelton

    Home Art

    Hi, guys, I was looking, and still am, for some advice on some home art. So where can I get some? I heard Sean and Hayes talking about it so I thought I would want some too. Does anyone know where? Any advice? My walls have no art and I can tell people are looking down on me when they visit my crib. I tried walamart but its out of my price range thanks. Herman
  3. Feel the plugs https://soundcloud.com/zorn-1/dj-herman-cains-seriously-good-remix
  4. Welcome to Comedy Boing Boing
  5. Used to smoke pot with Klinger https://soundcloud.com/phibber/dj-herman-cains-999-plug-theme-megamix