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  1. Hi, I graduated in sound and music production(2006). More recently I developed an interest in editing and mixing podcasts and audio-books. I’d love to have the chance to do some work for you, completely gratis. I can edit, improve quality and also optimize your audio for the web. Not only it will sound great but also faster to stream or download. If you like my work and have some paid projects for me down the road, that’d be great of course, but I’d be happy just for the opportunity to network and receive a little advice. We can discuss the details, of course, but first I wanted to see if this is something you might be interested in. As a way of building portfolio I recorded, edited, mixed and distributed a podcast myself. You can also check it here: http://raphaelaudio.wordpress.com/ Feel free to, Skype me, or find me on Google Talk under this address - raphael.s.audio@gmail.com Best, Raphael S