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  1. JNards007

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    I am SO excited for the Cellular ep. I unironicially love that movie. I think it's a legitimately fun movie. Of course there's plenty to make fun of too
  2. JNards007

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    1.) Mayday incapacitates the real butterfly fisherman with a single karate chop to the chest. Now the guy doesn't yell "Hey, I'm being attacked!" or otherwise call out for help. Since this was a blow to the chest and not to the head (which could've understandably knocked the fisherman unconscious and rendered him unable to speak), I can't help but think that Mayday's karate chop caused the fisherman's heart to explode and killed him instantly. That's quite a chop! 2.) I would love the job at MI-6 where you have to record fake decoy conversations between spies such as the one on the tape recorder Bond and Sir Tibbett use when they discover Bond's room at Zorin's estate is bugged. Do you think their recorded conversation was scripted or improvised? I would love to be either the guy at MI-6 who has to write these fake conversations or the producer in the recording studio who has to smother giggling whenever Bond and Tibbett's inprov takes an amusing turn. What do you think they talked about? How long was the conversation? Does Bond have a backup tape with a different discussion in case he has to have another conversation in a bugged room? I must know more about these tapes. 3) Like Paul, I always thought Zorin's death was a bit underwhelming. He seems to just kinda fall off the Golden Gate Bridge. Upon closer inspection of the action, however, Bond actually pulls quite a move to get Zorin to lose his grip. Zorin, holding onto a cable, swings his ax at Bond, misses, and hits the cable Bond is holding onto. Bond grabs Zorin's ax against his cable with both hands, as if trying to steal the ax from Zorin. Zorin, not wanting to lose the ax, lets go of his cable and grabs the ax with both hands. Bond's trick worked, however, as he quickly does a leg sweep of Zorin's arms so that they release the ax.... and are now holding on to nothing. It's a cool move and interestingly choreographed, just terribly shot and directed so you barely notice it's even happening. Still, Bond's got some moves. 4) I want two gifs from this movie - one of James jumping into the wedding cake, and another of James falling down all of 3 feet into some mineshaft rubble (1:50:18). Both parts I had to watch multiple times and ultimately caused laughing fits. 100/100 A+ episode guys. Top 10 podcast eps alltime?
  3. JNards007

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    How about a James Bond movie? My wishlist, in order: 1. Licence to Kill 2. A View to a Kill 3. Die Another Day A LTK episode would be BONKERS!