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  1. Get ready for some raw doggin', leap froggin', and split loggin'. But for the love of god, don't tell Walton Goggins. He just rubs me the wrong way.
  2. scudwolf

    Witchboard (1986)

    I think Witchtrap (1989) is the superior batshit Kevin S. Tenney "Witch" film. Full movie up for free on youtube.
  3. scudwolf

    Raw Force (1982)

    Bo-bo Charles Bronson Bo-bo Bruce Lee Bo-bo...Hitler?! Raw Force (aka Kung Fu Cannibals) is one of the craziest and most thoroughly entertaining exploitation films ever made. It concerns a group of martial artists from the "Burbank Kung Fu Club" who are taking a pleasure cruise to the mysterious Warriors Island, fabled to house the souls of dead martial artists who have lost their honor. Little do they now that a group of slave traders, lead by a man who looks like a chubby Adolf Hitler is in business with the monks of Warriors Island, selling them kidnapped women in exchange for jade. And once he finds out about their cruise's destination, he can't allow them to make it there. This movie is absolute lunacy from beginning to end. It starts out promising an adventure story, but soon turns into an action brawler when there's a Roadhouse-esque bar fight, then turns into a bizarre sex comedy for about 20mins until it segues into a jarringly brutal siege on the cruise ship by fake Hitler's cronies who look like they were rejected from 'The Warriors' movie because they couldn't all agree on a theme for their gang. Finally our main characters make it to Warriors Island for a final showdown with the Hitler gang, come cannibal monks, and an army of zombie ninja and samurai. I've never seen a true exploitation film covered on HDTGM before and it's understandable why. They're usually too easy targets, have too much boring filler between their awesome moments, and are sometimes hard to track down for viewing. But I think Raw Force is a special exception. The film at only 86 min in length is entertaining from start to finish. No boring moments. Even the filler is hilarious. There are so many bonkers moments in this movie, definitely enough to discuss for a full episode. There is dialogue and line delivery so bizarre and out-of-left-field that it breaks your brain. There are light-hearted attempts at comedy followed by scenes of brutal violence. Loads of casual racism and misogyny. And what appears to be a 16 year old kid made up to look like a balding, curly-haired, middle-aged biker (?). Seriously. Watch the trailer, track down this film, and tell the HDTGM crew how incredible it is. Trailer: https://www.youtube....h?v=ju27nZAeqjg
  4. scudwolf

    Pet Sematary and Pet Sematary 2

    Bumping thread for Pet Sematary II. It's free on amazon prime. This movie is so ridiculously downbeat, it's hilarious. It opens with a kid watching his mom get electrocuted to death and is followed immediately by a scene of a vet euthanizing a dog. And then there are lots of cute animals being brutally murdered throughout the rest of the movie. Clancy Brown's performance is pretty great. Edward Furlong's performance goes from reasonably serviceable to terrible as the film goes on.
  5. scudwolf

    St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

    Bumping this thread. I just watched this movie for the first time tonight. It is fucking bizarre. It is mind boggling. It's like The Room level melodrama nonsense and characters reacting to situations like pod people. I thought this was supposed to be a good movie.
  6. That UFO snatched my VCR! I hope those little green men like my little 'Green Acres" collection.
  7. scudwolf

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    Omission?: According to both wikipedia and IMDB, Marc Maron is in this movie.
  8. Get it? Like that line from that movie and the middle.
  9. Here's something I don't think they mentioned. When the main mobster guy makes Pretzie sign the contract, his two henchmen are named "Fat Lips" and "Nitro." One sounds like the name of a frat pledge, the other sounds like someone on American Gladiator. Who is in charge of nicknaming these mobsters?
  10. Today we'll be talking about Freddy Benson, played impeccably by Nathan Kress on the even more impeccable iCarly.
  11. scudwolf

    Miami Connection (1987)

    Utterly fantastic movie. So much fun, and almost heartwarming just by virtue of its own existence.
  12. scudwolf


    Simon Birch. Simon Cowell. Simon and the Chipmunks fight the Big Barn Owl. So tune in and try to hold on to your bowels. Cause I aint doin' no clean up.
  13. When was the last time YOU watched Simon Birch? I caught the end of it a few days ago.