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  1. I dunno guys. I liked the Erin character. The fact she got several laughs out of me in a cast of genuine megastars of comedy podcasts is good going.


    BUT NEIL CAMPBELL. I always think I finally have a definitive fave charac of his but ever single time he manages to top it. TIS IT??


    Hoping John Lennon manages to remain reanimated for many Best Of calender years to come.

  2. Knowing what happens after they recorded the ep and all the sad feelings associated it was so much fun when they're arguing over the schedule and Adam finds out why his email app looks different. Just so unexpected and funny.


    Feel a lot better listening to this and various Harris bits since his passing. Nice to know that the time we invest listening is invested in great people. Thank you to everybody involved.

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  3. Being a straight man is hard in life, nevermind podcasts, but two recent ones I liked were with Mike Birbiglia on an ep w/ Gino and Victor/Tiny and Dane Cook with that no good troubled teen Rick Faber.


    But this category belongs to Todd Glass who doesn't try to be intentionally funny but is hilarious in how his hyper self-awareness works so well with a character/improv format.