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  1. jeromicon

    Episode 169 — Online Dating

    I'm late to the party and maybe I missed something important, but seems really fucking strange and mean turning on David like that. Kinda nasty.
  2. jeromicon

    Episode 158 — Film Composing

    The tempo meter mat(sp?) thing made me laugh. I remember first hearing the Star Wars score before I saw the film. I thought it was a the music from a Western. I like these soundtracks: The Thin Red Line Road to Perdition Kundun Mishima Cave of Forgotten Dreams The Fountain
  3. jeromicon

    Episode 159 — Puppeteering

    Colleen wins a gold star for the Thatcher comment.
  4. jeromicon

    Episode 160 — The Moon

    "But space travel is becoming privatised" .... cut to the Nostromo approaching LV426
  5. jeromicon

    Episode 164 — Writing

    Diablo was a very cool guest. The person collecting planks from the boat and rebuilding it on the river banks freaked me out a little. So am I to understand someone's secretly collecting old bits of me and building backup versions of me somewhere? And presumably for everyone else too? Cos someone should alert the authorities about this secret army. And who is this bodysnatching fuck anyway?
  6. jeromicon

    Episode 165 — World Travel

    So glad I found this podcast - you guys have such a good dynamic between you. OK that sounds wanky. You're f'ckin funny ok.
  7. jeromicon

    Episode 166 - Fandom

    Wait a minute - surely a throat-rip isn't Krav Maga - it's McGruber?! Gutted to hear Tig is coming to Birmingham cos I aint got a pot to p#ss in nor a window to throw it out of. But would've loved to seen you Tig cos you're about the funniest lady I've ever heard.
  8. jeromicon

    Episode 167 — Personality

    Thanks for making me smile - you guys are very witty.