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  1. Hey, posting this in the forum to (hopefully) get public reinforcement. I love the show; all the goofy jokes and dice-rolling are great distractions while at work. I even like the show enough to check out some of the advertisers. I can't remember the episode, but Art of Charm had been mentioned in an ad; I just got around to checking it out this morning. Seeing that Art Of Charm used to be called the Pickup Podcast was discouraging, but I gave it a shot anyways, hoping that maybe the show wouldn't just be a bunch of idiot frat kids. Welp. Pickup artists are asshats, and it comes across as incredibly condescending that you give attention to people promising that they'll help us get laid and get friends ('cause liking D&D means we're lonely, awkward basement dwellers, right?). If you have to take their money in order to keep the show running, well, take it. If it can be avoided, though, please avoid it. Pickup artists are no less sexist than the Comic-Con creeps.