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  1. Of all my flavorite juices, booty hole's right up in there.
  2. Finders keepers, losers creepers around the finder's house while sleepers wear what's found around their necks and losers weep with sweet regret.
  3. So goes the saying, hose before praying, grass after mass, gardening's a blast.
  4. Cheerio, cocoa puff, honey almond hobo muff, and a fine oatmeal raisin crisp to you too.
  5. Leprosy is so last ear.
  6. You down with OCD? Yeah you know me, lining up shoes like it's surgery.
  7. It takes a Village Inn, five food trucks and an Arby's.
  8. Hey Judge Judy is that a gavel in your booty or is your honor just happy to sue me?
  9. The best defense is a good off-putting body spray like death or could I get a few dollars.
  10. Cuz I'm a hacker, I'm a slacker, I'm a midnight snacker.
  11. Best film franchises: Alien, Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Beverly Hills Star Wars, Beverly Hills Harry Potter.
  12. And now we've come full circle. Nice job gang, tomorrow we shit half rhombus.
  13. When you're a woman in your 30s life ain't exactly a basket full of daisies. Take it from me, a woman in my 30s.
  14. One in the drink, two in the stink, straws can be versatile and fun.
  15. My elevator pitch? Slider low and away, gets em every time.