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  1. Slide into my DM’s cause I want you to walk a mile in my shoes
  2. No shirt, no shoes, NO THANKS for your service.
  3. Living is easy with eyes closed, except if you’re an eye surgeon. Oh the eye-rony!
  4. If it wasn’t “not that type of show” I’d tell ya to lick my anus
  5. If you Catcher In The Rye, she can say she walked into a door.
  6. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Angry Welshman explains how to use the middle lane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANPgHpM8MCw
  7. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Poet and playwright John B Keane talking about his love of alcohol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKIqNTJ-yus
  8. Optimum Corridor

    EPISODE 189 — Apes Will Fight If We Must

    Razowsky was in Ireland a month or so ago and I did a two day workshop with him. Given that improv (especially long form) is a relatively new fangled thing over here, we jump at the chance to get some time with any travelling improvisers. In terms of schools, he did mention UCB, iO and some others briefly. He did make a point of mentioning how uninterested he was in "game" and persuing that in improv (at least for the workshop anyway). I enjoyed the workshop, and took what I needed from it, in the same way one would when you get different disciplines of improv coming through your part of the world infrequently. There's no full time/intensive schools or courses here to get really "into it", as it were. I now wish I had discussed UCB with him a bit more, and will be sure to ask if he comes back, which he may do.
  9. Optimum Corridor

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    I wish I had the audacity to ask for "a free water" in restaurants. Been burned too many times.
  10. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Guy in my city (haven't seen him in a while) who takes petty laws into his own hands. His usual favourite is catching cars parked illegally via cameras on his bicycle and helmet and getting into altercations. On this occasion it's some people flyposting. Offers to bring them to a nearby police station to give themselves up and rather meekly threatens to execute a citizen's arrest. He is not a council or government official. Would be interesting to hear Matt's opinion on who's in the right or wrong here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXIB5KMhUjg
  11. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    The guy's an act. I'm involved in what some people might call the comedy "industry" in his part of the world, and yeah, for defs is putting it on. Although I also have it on good authority* that there indeed are people like that all over the place here. Best thing about him is the local comedians here are upset as he's getting plenty of bookings and paid work! Seeing as Irish videos appear to be popular, here's another. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C1z7OlhJJ4 Not sure if it's an act or just genuine mental illness though. Worth a look anyway. *Going more than five miles outside a "city"
  12. Optimum Corridor

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    First time hearing Little Button Puss. Absolutely tremendous. Laughed in a stranger's face walking home from work, then slipped on ice and nearly fell. Love the "alright" Scott does when it appears to stray too far for him and attempts to shut it down and on this occasion is was when the "first true love" of Puss' was named.
  13. Optimum Corridor

    "All the sudden"

    Loved PFT's reaction/smackdown to Scott saying it doesn't matter; "Yeah sure, it's just language. *gibberish* "
  14. Then maybe a cold open that's followed by intro and guest questions? Hm, actually, that's probably the worst scenario for new listeners.
  15. Optimum Corridor

    Case Closed should be it's own podcast

    I do like Case Closed, and how it inspires improv. However, does your standalone imagining of Barter Town have any improv, or just Master Blaster "pulverising" guests?
  16. Optimum Corridor

    Episode 164 — Rudeness with Sassy Bluff

    Like others, nearly pissed myself when Matt crowbarred in the Barter Town theoretical towards the end of the segment, much to the confusion of Amy, to justify her being on the show. Although her whole idea of filming people being assholes I don't agree with, that would be the person I'd want to "slap".
  17. I was thinking this at the end of the episode when Matt was talking about segments! Would love this even as a bonus episode. In general, more Brett and Eric! In terms of the musical guests and Case Closed, I'm not a big music person. In podcasts and in life, just does little for me. So I may be a little biased against it. My only suggestion would be that they are less frequent. The past while it's seemed like nearly every other episode was a musical one, and I was especially disappointed when a music episode one week was directly followed by the "Best Of Music" episode. To clarify, I do still listen to them because the improv and the discussion of the songs are interesting, but may be less inclined to tune in to the music episodes if they maintain their level of regularity. Again, it's nothing to do with a particular type of music or musician, I'm just not into it in general. I love Case Closed and do enjoy it even if sometimes the person up against Matt is an idiot (surely only they go up against Master Blaster). The Sexy Robot and Matt himself give plenty of warning, and I guess to those who don't like the segment feel as if they only get half of an episode when Case Closed features because it can take up so much time. I guess if people can't listen to explicit warnings then it may be best to have it as a bonus episode. While I would like it to be a podcast on its own because I like it so much, I'm not sure it would be the right move.
  18. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF6cBf133rA&feature=youtu.be&t=2m18s Supercut of the intros to a now defunct daytime UK show called "Kilroy", featuring the now ex television host and politician Robert Kilroy-Silk. Think of a more horrible version of Jeremy Kyle, Jerry Springer, etc. At the top of each episode, just before the opening credits blare in, Kilroy posits a hypothetical scenario that the guests have actually found themselves in and explore the issue. This clip can scramble your brain with the same saunter and camera work over and over again, but pay particular attention to the scenarios presented .
  19. Optimum Corridor

    Lists of Scott's "rules" to life

    If someone in a TV show you're watching has died since the recording, a red "D" for "dead" appears in the credits beside their name. Or, as Simon Pegg suggested, a freeze frame when they appear on screen, then rubber stamp "DEAD" over the frame. - Episode 240
  20. Optimum Corridor

    Episode 159 — Rainbow Bridge

    All being said and done, what about that that improv, guys?
  21. Optimum Corridor

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IMOSN0WYvg Dog "talks" with "help" from owner.
  22. Optimum Corridor

    Episode 159 — Rainbow Bridge

    The "biopic" issue here and relevant research into how it's pronounced (something I'd never considered before) has now ruined my life. Or at least my evening. "I got a whole buncha cummy clothes." Great episode.
  23. Optimum Corridor

    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    Second this. Burst out laughing when she said his name.
  24. Optimum Corridor

    Lists of Scott's "rules" to life

    For every prank that is played on them, one year is shaved off a person's life. - Episode 287
  25. Optimum Corridor

    Episode 157 — IQ of a Corpse

    Great guests, loved that the "Poh-sideon" house video was used as a Crap On Youtube . I'm probably disproportionately excited at the notion of a Case Closed next week!