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  1. Haven't listened to it yet but. I am twelve and what is this.
  2. Just commenting for pro version eligibility. Also I'm so glad Hayes mentioned the paywall, I knew he was gonna do it!
  3. JacobComeau

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Grep grep grep. Put in my promo code for MIce, can't wait for the sweeeeet deal on Jerry.
  4. Alex Do you miss being in Britanick's shadow?
  5. They should hunt her down and call her back. The totally Hollywood treatment.
  6. The lady on the phone almost seems too game.
  7. Sell some of his funny cards for the profit!
  8. How could Mary live be in prisons with a spider on her face? Wouldn't she be living in constant fear? That so scary.
  9. JacobComeau

    If Sean and Hayes ran a film festival...

    But what about when pauly shore kills DJ in a bloodlust? Then they put up Fight Haver: Fast Drive. Best award goes to that.
  10. JacobComeau

    lets play a game

    How about both?
  11. JacobComeau

    Engineer Cody warped my child brain

    Well he did take a turn as Diablo Cody and Diablo is devils, which is too scary for me.
  12. Hello Mary. Being an Irish Anti Treaty supporter must be a tough job, what was it like getting shot in the chest? Say hi to the lucky charms guy for me.